People are just realizing they’re loading the dishwasher wrong, there’s a certain area where dishes won’t be cleaned | The Sun

HAVE you ever removed items from your dishwasher to find lingering food residue on them?

There's designated areas of your machine for each type of dish, and one area you should avoid altogether if your items require a good cleaning.

When it comes to loading your dishwasher, there's one area you may want to avoid, according to The New York Times.

Liam McCabe, who's been reporting on and testing the efficiency of appliances since 2011, shared his "near-universal tips that seem to surprise people" when it comes to loading dishwashers.

There is a certain area of your dishwasher that you may want to avoid when loading items with tougher food stains.

Liam detailed: "Try not to load super-crusty dishes in the corners of the upper racks because that’s where the cleaning action is weakest."

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He also recommended placing your dishes face down in your machine, so the dirty side is facing the wash arm.

Liam also shared his wisdom when it comes to loading utensils into your dishwasher.

"In a standard silverware basket, forks and spoons should have their business ends up, so they’re less likely to nest with each other," he explained.

Liam added: "Knives should point down, so you’re less likely to stab yourself."

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He also advised readers to load bowls a little more tightly, allowing for just enough room for the water to spray between them.

For his final dishwasher loading tip, Liam suggested leaving enough space for the upper spray arm when loading larger items.

These bulkier items include pots and pans that may encroach upon the spray arm.

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