Queen wears ‘off duty’ outfit with ‘interesting’ choice of gloves for Easter portraits

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Fans of the Royal Family were today given an Easter treat as images of the Queen and Prince Charles were unveiled on Twitter. Her Majesty and her son are seen standing beside each other and smiling at the camera. But one of the most interesting things about the pictures are the Queen’s clothes.

The Queen is often seen in a bright buttoned coat and a pair of smart black loafers, but today Her Majesty surprised fans by wearing a casual ensemble.

For the photographs, which were taken on March 23 but posted on social media today, the Queen opted for a long dark green coat and a multicoloured silk headscarf.

On her feet, Her Majesty wore black wellington-like boots with a light brown sole.

Surprisingly, the Queen did not have one of her iconic brooches pinned to the lapel of her coat, and, unlike most of her coats, this green number did not feature any buttons.

It has been reported that the photos of the Queen and Prince Charles were apparently unplanned, therefore this could be the main reason why Her Majesty is wearing a casual ensemble.

Fashion expert and personal stylist Samantha Harman gave her analysis on the Queen’s outfit, commenting she thought “this is very much an off duty look”.

She continued: “The Queen was wearing one of her signature headscarves and a raincoat – nothing out of the ordinary there, they’re part of her signature style, but what’s really interesting is the gloves.”

In both photographs, Her Majesty has her hands in her coat pockets, but audiences can still see the grey and blue wool gloves that she is wearing.

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Samantha said: “They [the gloves] look knitted, which probably makes them nice and warm – it was chilly yesterday and she’s soon turning 95.

“However, the Queen does have them in her pockets, so we only get a peek,” the personal stylist added.

“Perhaps she hoped we’d never see them. Reminds me of being caught at the supermarket by someone I know when I’m wearing an old tracksuit.”

Samantha suggested that the Queen’s gloves show “the playful, fun side to her personality”.

“These gloves are like something your nana might wear, and that makes us think of her fondly,” Samantha added.

“I can imagine that sometimes royal engagements can be uncomfortable, clothes-wise. You’re standing for a long time in styles that are more restrictive.

“And there are lots of protocols as to what you can wear, so when you’re doing things privately you have a bit more freedom to have fun.”

Other fashion experts also commented on the Queen’s gloves today, such as the best-selling author of HRH: So Many Thoughts on Royal Style, Elizabeth Holmes.

Posting a photo of the Queen on an Instagram story to her 162,000 followers, Elizabeth said: “Honestly this look is slightly unexpected for HM (so many thoughts on the scarf/coat/boot combo) but I am certain these are not the right gloves.”

Elizabeth added: “Who dropped the ball with these gloves? Someone check on Angela Kelly.

“The Queen’s glove collection is vast… Why is she wearing these?”

Angela Kelly is a personal assistant and adviser to Her Majesty, and usually dresses the Queen in white or black cotton gloves.

For decades, the Queen has always worn gloves by royal glove manufacturer, Cornelia James.

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