Remove scratches from your wooden floors and tables in an instant – all you need is a walnut

WOODEN floors look super stylish, not to mention how easy they are to keep clean compared some other fluffier flooring options (we're looking at you, carpet).

But the pain you feel when you spot a dread scratch is real becausereplacing them isn't cheap – but luckily there's another way and it works on furniture too.

A TikTok user known as Glass Half Full shared a clever hack which instantly removes scratches from your floor – and all you need is a walnut.

Yep, really. A walnut, or any other oily nut, can completely reverse the damage done to your wooden floors and it's super easy to do.

At the start of the clip the woman admits to "accidentally" scratching her floor before showing off the very obvious damage.

She goes on to say that she'd heard rubbing nuts over the area will make is disappear, so she was keen to give it a go.

Testing the theory, she had a walnut, pecan and pistachio at the ready to see which one worked best.

She rubs each nut over part of the scratch to see what happens and the walnut is a clear winner.

After running the walnut over the mark it virtually disappears in an instant – and the pecan works pretty well too.

The pistachio, however, not so much so perhaps give this one a miss.

She used the walnut to rub over the rest of the scratch and by the end there's nothing left.

"Yep, it works," she proclaims, showing off the perfect-looking floor.

The clip has since been watched more than a million timeswith people shocked by the outcome.

"I've never been so excited to scratch my floor," one person said.

With another adding:"Who on earth figured that out?"

Someone else replied: "Omg that's NUTSS."

A different user explained why they thought it worked, saying: "This works because it's a shallow scratch, so it just scratched the clear finish. The oil in the nuts hydrate the wood and mimic the look of finish."

And another added: "You can actually pick up walnut oil and it works like a charm on wood furniture/floors/cabinets."

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