Spilled some wine over your NYE dress? Here's how to get rid of it & more hacks for virtually any kind of stains

THERE'S no denying that the festive period can get a little messy, but it doesn't mean you have to chuck away your favourite NYE dress just because there's a wine stain.

The TikToker, Casey Rosenberg, is all about life hacks and has also claimed he's a ''super messy'' person.

''Make sure a messy person or family member sees this,'' he said before revealing the easy tricks of removing virtually stain, from coffee to wine.

According to this whizz, the best remedy for the stubborn coffee spillage is the combination of vinegar and warm water.

There are multiple benefits on using vinegar when washing clothes, including replacing the household favourite, fabric softener.

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When it comes to sweat stains that have ruined your light gym gear or white blouses, Casey insisted that lemon juice is the answer.

Depending on how long the stain has been on the clothing item, there are many different recipes to follow, including adding a bit of bicarbonate soda.

If you've woken up on New Year's Day and have discovered wine leftovers on your dress, the TikToker suggested going to your kitchen and grabbing baking soda.

Combined with water, it makes for a gentle cleaning paste that is both effective and affordable.

His next recommendation is for those who've been a bit too messy when applying make-up and now have residue on their clothes – here, Casey told the viewers that shaving cream will save them.

In the event of realising there are ink marks, he claimed that you will find the remedy in your bathroom – white toothpaste.

Using toothpaste for stain removal is a popular choice because it is a versatile cleaning agent suitable for cleaning stains off from virtually any kind of surface, from walls to carpets and a lot of items in between.

Lastly, he also explained what to do when finding blood stains – in contrast to the widespread belief that one should apply cold water, Casey instructed the viewers to make a mixture of warm water and vinegar.

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