Stylist claims Zara Tindall dressed a ‘bit too eclectic’ in the early 2000s

Zara Tindall, 42, is a style icon but is also known to be a rulebreaker when it comes to royal protocol.

Susie Nelson, a style expert at Modes and More spoke exclusively to to explain Zara’s taste in fashion.

She claimed: “Zara Tindall is in an unusual position, she isn’t a working royal and doesn’t have a title, but the Royal Family are her family – at least on one side.

“Regarding hats, the royal protocol states that women must wear hats to all official occasions, and the headpiece must have a solid base of four or more inches.

“There doesn’t seem to be a royal limit on how large a hat can be. Some of Zara’s hats may have been seen as a little large and loud, and she has enjoyed having a snappy and youthful dress sense.

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“She has been quoted as stating that she has the same common-sense attitude to clothes as her mother and she needs to be presentable, clean and tidy.

“Some of Zara’s skirts would break royal protocol by being too far above her knee. In addition, she has also worn a black mini-skirt to a wedding in 1998.

“She broke royal protocol again in 2008, wearing a green strapless bridesmaid dress to her brother’s wedding.

“Royal bridesmaids are expected to wear white. Zara has a fit and healthy body and wants to dress like a person of her age, so it’s understandable that her clothes reflect her individual sense of style.”

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Fashion editor Karine Laudort also told “Zara Tindall, the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, has made waves with her bold fashion choices over the years; she has always had a more laid-back, adventurous and experimental when it came to her fashions choices, so here are a few of these moments.

“In 2003, at the Royal Ascot, Zara chose an asymmetric black dress with huge red flowers with a high split on the thigh. Paired with rose-tinted shades and a giant flower headpiece, the overall outfit came across as a bit too eclectic.

“In 2006, Zara took part in the annual BGC annual charity day manning their phones in Canary Wharf, accompanied by her mum, Princess Anne and her then-boyfriend Mike Tindall, and opted for a racy look pairing khaki hot pants and knee-high leather boots, and wore sunnies whilst out.

“That same year, whilst attending Goodwood, Zara definitely decided to wear what made of feel comfortable, despite the general public and royal critics’ opinions.

“She wore oversized shades with a green boob tube flanked by an oversized white belt, black culottes and wedged mules.

“Overall, Zara Tindall’s fashion choices have frequently broken protocol whilst showcasing her unique style, and she has always been confident and adventurous in her choices.

“From daring hats to short dresses and bold colour combinations, she has never been afraid to express herself through fashion.”

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