What you see first in this Parisian scene says a lot about your friendships & how you see life – plus if people like you

A CARTOON image claims to be able to reveal lots about your friendships and how you see the world, depending on what you see first. 

The image has been shared on the Bright Side YouTube channel and shows a blue, colourful scene – but what do you notice at first glance?

The video, which has racked up half a million views, says: “If the most obvious answer to you is ‘that’s a girl in Paris’ you are realistic and easy to work with. 

“You must have plenty of friends.”

However, there are at least two ways to see the image, and the video explained how it is possible to notice a different shape first instead.

It continued: “If you also see a face of a girl over here, you are great at grasping the big picture and the overall meaning of things.

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“That’s why you are such a fast learner.”

So what do you see?

One person said: “I see a face almost every time.”

And another added: “I've seeing both simultaneously for most of the pictures.”

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