You're the record holder if you can find the hidden pair of skis in this optical illusion in under 28 seconds | The Sun

YOU will be able to call yourself a record holder if you can find the pair of skis in this mind-bending brainteaser within 28 seconds.

The winter sports equipment is hidden among a beach setting featuring parasols and dozens of beach chairs.

Crabs and starfish were added to the busy picture, making the puzzle more difficult for viewers to solve.

The record to spot the skis currently stands at 28 seconds.

Viewers that are struggling to spot the skis should focus on the bottom left-hand corner of the puzzle.

You should be able to notice two boards that are hidden among the deck chairs.

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Meanwhile, Ukrainian artist Oleg Shupliak created a surrealist painting that actually contains the heads of four women.

At first glance, it appears that a woman is speaking on a phone. 

However, when looking at the woman’s hand near her cheek, you’ll notice another woman on her palm. 

Finding the third woman is a bit tricky. When looking at the small woman on the arm, you might see the shape of a nose, eyes, and a pair of lips.

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To see the third woman you need to look at the side profile, which is why it is a bit hard to make out at first.

On Shupliak’s website, there is a close-up version of the image so viewers can easily see the third woman.

To find the fourth woman is quite easy.

You’ll notice on the stomach of the first woman is a pair of lips and the entire image is a woman itself.

And, a painting that features a man, flowers, and a woman with a working umbrella reveals a person’s most charming attribute.

If you spotted the old man first, it means you have incredible insight.

But, if you saw the flowers first, it means your most charming trait is your ability to put others at ease.

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You make others feel heard, and loved, and you have the ability to make everyone you come across feel important. 

But, if you spotted the woman with the working umbrella, your most charming trait is your fantastic sense of humor.  

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