Granddad, 80, speaks to Alexa for first time and asks critical pizza question

A video of an 80-year-old war veteran talking to an Amazon Alexa for the first time has gone viral – with an astonishing 21million views.

Kenneth "Kenny" Jary has gained 1.8 million followers on his @patriotickenny TikTok and uses the platform to raise awareness for veterans around the world.

Filmed by his pal, Amanda, Kenny tests out Alexa and asks her a very important question about pizza.

In the clip, he leans close to the AI and whispers to Amanda: "Can I ask her?"

Kenny then makes his first attempt to chat to the household bot, saying: "Alexa?"

"No answer," he says, before having another go.

This time Alexa responds to Kenny and the delighted grandfather quickly asks her: "Alexa, how about sausage and pepperoni pizzas. Are they good for you, or not?"

Alexa didn't have a clue what he meant and put sausage on his shopping list, leaving Kenny amazed despite the AI's blunder.

Kenny says he does not want a shopping list, prompting Alexa to remove it, to which the war vet says: "Thank you."

"Anytime, literally," Alexa replies.

Her response impresses Kenny so much he turns around to gasp to his pal: "She said 'literally!'"

The video was inundated with comments as more than 22,000 people shared what they had liked about it most.

One user said: "Alexa better start acting right for Grandpa, honestly."

A second joked: "Gramps figuring out how useless Alexas are."

"'Oooh she don't wanna hear it' – favorite part," commented someone else.

The grandad's TikTok account responded to the popular demand for a "series" and made more videos of Kenny interacting with Alexa.

He can also be found on his official Instagram account here.

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