‘I quit property job to become webcam model – now I earn upwards of £835 a day’

An OnlyFans model and webcam star who dominates the ‘MILF next door’ market quit her job in property management to become an adult content creator.

Ainslee Divine, from Arizona, USA, has never been ordinary – a wild free spirit and business-minded entrepreneur, the busty blonde model is dominating the industry.

And she’s not slowing down anytime soon, as evidenced by her recent purchase of a sleek 2018 Ferrari 488 GTB, worth at least $284,650 (around £238,000).

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The 48-year-old made the decision to become an adult content creator when she was 42.

She owned a property management company for 15 years and while she wasn’t looking for a career change, destiny came calling.

The webcam model had lost a lot of weight and wanted to show it off, so she started an Instagram account.

She began posting sexy pictures and soon a photo of her wearing a Malibu Springs bikini was reposted by the brand, making her go from zero to 20,000 followers in 45 days.

It was this that led her to decide to make the leap into webcamming with her own solo model website, AinsleeDivine.com. She was so successful that in June 2017, she sold her business to model full-time.

Since becoming a cam girl, Ainslee earns three times as much as she did as a realtor, sets her own hours and is hit on by men the same age as her son.

She attracts plenty of male attention, with three-quarters of her demographic aged between 18 and 44.

Today, Ainslee is one of the OnlyFans' top earners.

She’s also a 14-time award nominee and has won four, including 2018’s Best MILF Cam Model, 2020’s XBIZ MILF Cam Model of the Year and 2021’s YNOT Diva of the Year.

“I cam onStreamateFriday through Monday beginning at 8:30 a.m., and I don't stop until I hit my minimum daily goal which ranges from $1,000 (£835) to $1,800 (£1,500),” she previously told Insider.

“About eight months ago, I decided to step up my game and began spending Tuesday through Thursday creating subscriber-only content to post on OnlyFans.

“I bring in five figures a month on each platform and get paid via direct deposit weekly. During my best month to date, I earned dollars shy of $80,000.”

Yahoo reports that while out with her family, Ainslee regularly turns heads.

“I get all sorts of reactions from heads turning, to men tapping their friends on the shoulder,” Ainslee shared.

“Men tend to stop and stare and I often catch wives and girlfriends yelling or slapping their man for looking at me. I love how I look and if any woman tells you they don’t like the attention, they’re lying.

“I’m not one to hide my assets so even when I’m out with my husband, guys stop to flirt but it always makes it a fun evening for us – that’s for sure.”

The adult content creator receives over 3,000 direct messages a day on Instagram and selectively answers between 50-100 daily.

Her look, personality, and age niche all make up her brand. While Ainslee has a bevvy of loyal followers, she still receives awful messages.

Thankfully the 48-year-old has a thick skin and understands she can't make everyone happy.

She added: “Every day a few people will tell me I'm too old or to get a real job. I just tune them out and the platform allows me to block any abusive people from my room.”

Now the business-minded model has launched her own playful clothing line named My Girl Crush, a women’s clothing line with a focus on comfort, style and sex appeal at a reasonable price.

The model, content creator and top-earning OnlyFans star, who says that clothing and fashion is “my first love”, has dreamed of owning her own signature clothing collection for as long as she can remember.

Ainslee says she learned the ropes of the business while working at a major national retail company for ten years in Customer Service, Sales and Management.

Find your new summer look at MyGirlCrush.com and follow on Twitter, IG, TikTok and Pinterest.


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