‘I’m a mum – no one values what we do unless we earn a pay check’

A woman has claimed "no one values what mothers do unless they earn a pay check" in a bid to quash stereotypes about stay-at-home parents.

Anneliese King is a content creator who works to help parents feel seen.

The mother, who boasts over 290,000 followers on Instagram, posts about various parenting issues from daily stresses to misconceptions and body image.

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Now she's opened up about how mothers are stereotyped for not having jobs, and said they're often not valued unless they bring home the cash.

Highlighting the issue Anneliese created a short video clip where she looked casual and cool at home, wearing a black sports bra and shorts with an oversized denim shirt over the top.

She held a cup of tea in one hand as she said: "When society ask moms why they vent so much about the kids they chose to have."

Going on to discuss the issue of venting, the mum went on to try and break down the stereotypes of what it's like to be a "perfect parent."

She said mums can sometimes vent because they feel "overwhelmed" or because they "don't feel seen", and she doesn't think parents should be judged for it.

Writing on Instagram, Anneliese said: "We vent because we’re overwhelmed.

"We vent because we don’t feel seen.

"We vent because no one values what parents do, unless they’re earning a pay check.

"Is this just me?"

Since sharing the post on Instagram many people have thanked Anneliese for her honest words, with the post having accumulated over 2,200 likes.

Over 70 people have also commented, and people have said the mother is "not the only person" who goes through these emotions.

One person commented: "We vent because it's ok to vent, and feel all the things sometimes all at the same time."

A second added: "I love it when moms vent – it makes me feel less alone in this parenting journey."

A third said: "I feel this so hard.

"I have a family that makes comments like 'why have kids if you are just going to complain about them?'

"Not the point at all."


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