I've got cancer but my adult daughter makes me cook and clean for her

THOUGH she is almost 30, my daughter still acts like she’s 13. I’m always cooking, cleaning and clearing up after her.

She offered to move back in to help when I was diagnosed with breast cancer last March.

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I knew the chemotherapy would take it out of me, so I thought it would be good to have an extra pair of hands around the house.

But it’s been a nightmare.

She doesn’t do anything to help and expects me to clean up after her. When she cooks, she leaves all her dirty pans on the side.

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When I do her washing, she leaves her clean clothes sitting around the house for days. But if I put the clothes in her room, she tells me I’m “making a mess”.

I am 56. How can I get her to help out around the house more?

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DEIDRE SAYS:  It is time for some straight talking. Tell your daughter she needs to pull her weight. Draw up a rota to help you divide up the chores.

You are dealing with a lot right now – your diagnosis and your daughter moving back in.

It might help to talk to others who are in the same boat. They may even have some advice.

My support pack Have You Been Diagnosed With Cancer? lists some useful groups.

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