‘Minimise’ facial pores with beauty expert’s ‘number one’ ingredient

Enlarged facial pores can occur for many reasons, one of which is as a symptom of ageing. As the skin loses elasticity and begins to sag, the small openings appear more prominent and can be difficult to hide. Using pore-fillers and makeup is one way to cover them up, but it can make them look worse if you don’t have a good skincare routine first.

In a recent video on her TikTok profile, Lora Croftcheck, a skincare, makeup, and hair expert who specialises in over-40s beauty shared her secret for smaller pores.

She explained that she had changed her own skin by incorporating a few simple ingredients into her routine to smooth out any texture on her face.

Lora said: “Generally the pores in the centre of your face get larger than pores in other areas, and that’s for two main reasons.

“One, your face is oily so they enlarge for the oils. And two, as you age you start to lose collagen.”

@loracroftcheck Replying to @jrr205 So you can’t get rid of pores, but you can do things to reduce the appearance of them! #over40 #matureskin #skincare #pores ♬ original sound – Lora Croftcheck

Collagen is a protein that is responsible for making your skin “tight” so it can quickly show as your skin loses more of it.

The beauty expert noted that this causes your face to “loosen” and “pores get larger”.

While it is an unavoidable part of the natural ageing process, there are ways to slow it down to keep your complexion supple and smooth for longer.

Showing a picture of her skin one year before making the video, Lora’s pores were very visible – even while wearing a full face of makeup and with a good skincare routine.

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Compared to a current close-up picture of her skin, the beauty expert’s facial pores were much smaller and tighter.

To transform her skin to a smoother texture in “exactly one year”, Lora explained that she made a few small changes to her regime.

She said: “Number one, I did start putting SPF on my face every single day.”

It is important to note that some products can clog pores on sensitive skin, so always choose one that is formulated for your face and type of complexion.

One of the other habits adopted by the TikTok star was to wash her face “every single night”.

She explained that while she had always done it, it is essential to unclog the small skin openings before applying skincare.

Not doing this “will enlarge your pores”, according to the beauty expert.

Another key ingredient used by Lora was retinol. Retinol has an exfoliating effect on the skin and can increase collagen production, which can reduce the appearance of fine lines, and wrinkles.

She said: “I started using retinol at night. I’d never used it before this and I think that it’s really helped to minimise my pores.”

Lora also revealed that she started taking daily collagen supplements to support her ageing skin.

While her anti-ageing routine was largely to thank for her impressive results, the TikTok beauty guru noted that consistency is the most important thing when treating skin concerns.

She told followers: “I don’t care what skincare regiment you use, just stay consistent. Use it, find what you like, and never stop. Use it morning and night and just stay consistent.”

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