Mum faces backlash as she films her baby daughter walking in ‘heels’

A mum faced backlash after sharing a video of her little girl wearing 'heels' on TikTok.

Under the username @delleted060919, the mum shared a short clip of a tot wearing some miniature slingback heels.

They were seen on the tot's feet over some mesh socks as she walked along a pavement.

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The video was titled with the hashtags '#louboutins' and '#walkamile' as well as laughing emojis.

However, many didn't find it very amusing as the clip went viral.

A lot of people took to the comments section to blast the mum over the tiny 'heels'.

One wrote: "Poor baby," as another another asked: "What are you playing at?"

A third also chipped in: "One way to break your babies ankle if she were to go over on it."

As a fourth commented: "Oh dear."

The mum subsequently felt the need to hit back at the critics in the comments as she explained how it had been a joke in a brief statement, according to BirminghamLive.

"They ARE BUILD A BEAR SHOES THEY ARE SOFT AND HER HANDS WAS BEING HELD thank you for all your concerns," she wrote.

And despite the backlash, other TikTok users spoke out in defence of the mum.

"Mine put her build a bear shoes on she was 8 months was the best thing I ever seen," commented one fellow parent.

As another quipped: "This is me when I wear heels."

A third also told her: "I got the joke girl."

The post comes after another mum faced backlash recently for spending her benefits money spoiling her one-year-old son with designer clothes and jewellery.

Kasey Akram hit back at critics though, saying she's just trying to do the best for her child.


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