Norwegian Journalist Manages to Capture the Only Two Sane People in D.C.

#guyonporch and #womanincar were all of us, looking in.

While the vast majority of videos spilling out of D.C. on Wednesday were chaotic/jaw-dropping/embarassing/saddening/frightening, there was one that regained a fraction of hope for humanity.

Captured by Norwegian journalist Veronica Westhrin, the video depicts a guy on his porch talking to a woman in her car, strangers united in their seemingly isolated disbelief at what was happening to their city.

In the now viral clip, the man stands outside his home with his hands in his pockets, shouting fruitlessly at the frenzied mob as he helplessly watches them come from laying siege to the nation’s Capitol.

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“Get the f–k out of town!” he yells. “F–king treasonous pieces of s–t!”

But his hopeless cries actually do reach one ear — a random woman passing by in her car.

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“I know!” she calls back. “They’re really destroying our city!”

“They’re destroying the f–king city, and it’s like nobody gives a s–t!” he yells incredulous in reply. “If that was Black Lives Matter, they’d have tanks rolling down Pennsylvania Avenue!”

“But they let these f–king crackers take over the Goddamn Capitol!… what the f–k is that?!” the man says.

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“That’s true… It makes me teary-eyed,” the woman in the car laughs.

But almost immediately, her chuckle does turn to tears.

“When it was us and Black Lives Matter, we couldn’t do nothing,” she says, wiping one from her eye. “We died.”

The fleeting moment of unity has already been viewed on Instagram hundreds of thousands of times.

“As a norwegian reporter I normally don’t get much attention from a US audience, but since so many have asked me: Here is the video from today,” Westhrin wrote.

“I shot it in a D.C neighbourhood as Trump supporters were leaving downtown D.C. after the protests and riots today.”

“A sad day for american democracy. The whole world is watching,” she added. “Scandinavia aswell.”

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