Rich NxT lights the fuse with a selection featuring The Prodigy and The Beatles

AS one of the driving forces behind the wildly popular London dance music collective FUSE, Rich NxT had been riding that well deserved wave of success for the last few years and just before the pandemic hit was preparing to release his debut album 'Know The Score' on the label.

A producer for over 20 years and with 11 EPs on FUSE London to his name aleady, the first long player from Rich is a ten track ride that takes inspiration from every major period of his life. From his days listening to pirate radio absorbing the sounds of jungle and hardcore, to his ongoing passion and involvement in bands as a drummer and of course his vital role in the evolution of FUSE alongside Enzo Siragusa, Sub Zito, Archie Hamilton and Rossko. He says:

"This album is an expression of myself and the range of music that has influenced me. A body of work that is just as fun on the dance floor, as it is at home on headphones. It’s a culmination of the FUSE London EPs I have released so far and also a new beginning.”

Despite missing an album tour due to the current crisis, Rich has been busy creating sample packs, teaching in masterclasses and working with Michael James to create Music From The Source, a new platform which fuses these two aspects of learning in one place.

We caught up with him this week and asked him to compile and talk us through a playlist of inspirational music as we start 2021 looking towards the  future hopeful that brighter days are ahead. Rich told us:

"I’m starting the year with a positive attitude. The album is still being listened to and played on live streams and mixes. I've got eight new tracks nearing the final stages of writing, so I feel well on my way to a new body of work in 2021. There are lots of things to look forward to even if normality is on pause for a little while longer."

The Prodigy – Weather Report

"The track ‘Weather Experience’  is an 8 minute workout of synth string quartet, trip hop and jungle, progressive, robotic sounds and sampled weather reports. Its really unique. I grew up near where The Prodigy originated and really looked up to their music and attitude."

Ce Ce Rogers – Someday

"One of the classic house tracks which has had so much influence on electronic music culture. The brilliant vocal, bass and piano have been sampled many times and Marshall Jefferson’s lyrics hoping for an end to war, racial prejudice and poverty, always resound when you listen."

The Beatles – She’s So Heavy

"Some of my biggest influences as a drummer come from the Seattle grunge scene. I blew my mind this track as a teenager hearing this from 1969 as it seemed a blueprint for a lot of music which I would come to follow, with its heavy riff and white noise."

Soulwax – Much Against Everyone’s Advice

"This 1998 track is from Soulwax who always appealed to me as a drummer who was interested in electronic music. When I started dj-jing, there was a huge electro duo called 2 Many Djs, and they were two of the founding members of Soulwax."

UNKLE – Rabbit in your headlights

"I’ve always aspired to make interesting crossover music and this track from Unkle with Thom Yorke’s on vocals is fine example. To me it feels like trip hop come breakbeat infused with a haunting, dreamy vocal which feels like it could be from a ballad."

Trentemoller – Polar Shift

"During the busiest times of our East London party scene this track was hugely popular, from the label Poker Flat, riding the minimal musical wave of the time, and would be a great inspiration to me with its edges synths and reduced arrangement."

Art Department – Without You 

"This is a really absolutely timeless and atmospheric track with a super vocal and baseline. The track ‘Natural’ from ‘Know The Score’ was really influenced by this song. I always look the the power of vocals in music."

Kruder and Dorfmeister – Speechless

"I am a big fan of the K&D Sessions album which is an absolute classic for me. I wanted my track ‘Mysterrace’ to have the timeless traversing around a bass line that the K&D track had, albeit a more lo-fi way."

Les Deux Love Orchestra – The Moth and The Flame

"The song is incredible, the glassy vocal, subtle chords and distinct drums evoke a strong atmosphere. I often discover sounds on the screen this was in ‘Mr Robot’, an amazing show about an anarchist hacker bringing down the world’s largest financial conglomerate."

The Streets – Weak Become Heroes (Ashley Beedle's Love Bug Vocal Mix)

"There comes a point in every after party when the sun is out everyone is smiling and this track encapsulates that vibe perfectly. The fusion of that piano riff placed into a 4/4 alongside Mike Skinner’s brilliant monologue talking about a raver’s night out, was just meant to be."

Rich NxT – Know The Score is out now on FUSE London. Click HERE to grab your copy and for more info.



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