The Cabins fans say Tom and Olivia have already split – despite leaving as an 'exclusive couple'

THE Cabins fans are convinced that Tom and Olivia are already over – even though they left the ITV2 dating series as an "exclusive couple”.

Leeds lad Tom Maude, 26, and Olivia Precious, 23, from Hull, seemingly haven’t won the hearts of viewers as a duo.

And it seems few fans of the new show – dubbed a winter version of Love Island – think they would go the distance despite leaving the programme together. 

One fan tweeted: “So Tom and Olivia have left Stags mount as the first cabins couple the question is:- Can they stand the test of time? 

“For me I don't think they will last very long. Tom is strained by trying to be the bad guy when clearly he can't be. 

“Whilst equally I feel that Olivia may start to get bored of him which is a shame. 

“It would be interesting to see if she sticks with her outside of the box type like Tom though. I don't think that will be the case though.” 

While another added: “Can Tom not read the room? (cabin in this case), Olivia is clearly demonstrating facially that she is NOT interested in him romantically, prob not even as a friend!”

It seems another The Cabins viewer found yesterday’s episode as a whole to be “unreal”.

They wrote: “Divent na whats worse out of Olivia pretending she wasn't pieing Tom off once the cameras stopped or Robyn smashing out the bog logs & shouting for backup wipes after less than 24 hours together. Unreal.”

Despite the fact viewers are convinced the couple is a mismatch – that didn’t stop Tom from doing a Magic Mike-style dance to impress her.

Tom, who is six foot four, stripped off for the impromptu seduction and it seemed to embarrass Olivia. 

She asked him: "I've just got to sit here and act like I enjoy it when I don’t?"

Tom reassured her: "Trust me it's worth it.”

The Cabins is ITV2’s latest dating series, a sort-of winter companion for Love Island.

But contestants get only 24 hours to make a love connection on The Cabins – as opposed to a whole summer.

Instead, they’re moved into cosy cabins with prospective partners, and after a day, they can choose to stay as part of a couple, or ‘check out’ if they fail to hit it off.

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