Number 8 playing card optical illusion baffles Twitter users with ‘mad magic’

Optical illusions can be quite baffling at times.

Now Twitter users have been left utterly confused with a playing card as many only just spotted its obvious feature.

Despite most people using a deck of cards for years, a lot of social media fans were left mind-boggled by the design of one.

The space between the diamonds on an 8 resembles the number itself.

And yet, many people on Twitter had no idea…

People said they were "today years old" when they spotted the trick.

The card is the only one in the deck with the secret feature.

Did you know about the number 8 of diamonds? Let us know in the comments section below…

One said: "Now that I've made my eyes see it, I can't fix my eyes to un-see it."

Another added: "How have I not seen that before?!"

While a third wrote: "What kind of mad magic is this?"

Are you looking for more optical illusions to trick your mind today?

One optical illusion shows a "hidden tiger" but only 1% of people can find it.

If you've spotted the second tiger, it means you're in the top 1% which is pretty good going as it's practically impossible to find.

But that's because the second "hidden tiger" isn't really an animal, it's actually the words "hidden tiger" spelled out.

On another occasion, a tricky image shows animals which say a lot about you.

There are 12 different animals in the tricky illusion.

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