Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid celebrate highest ratings ever as they speak to us about intimate relationship

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid have become the most popular faces on breakfast television, with Good Morning Britain viewers continuing to flock to the programme for their infectious love/hate chemistry. In fact, on Wednesday (27th Jan) they celebrated their highest viewing figures in the show's history.

And we have been lucky enough to catch up with the pair, who have a love/hate relationship – but have been praised for their no-nonsense interviewing techniques, particularly with government officials about the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“We have moments where she genuinely wants to kill me,” Piers said of his co-host. “I know the buttons I could press to make her literally murder me.”

Susanna also added that her relationship with Piers was “love/hate”, explaining that it’s a “50/50” split between the two emotions.

Despite disagreeing on almost everything, viewers still tune in every morning to watch Piers and Susanna, particularly during the pandemic where they have been holding government ministers to account.

“We are very honest and frank with each other and I trust him completely,” Susanna says. “If something isn’t right, we will discuss it in a very full and frank way.”

Piers adds: “You have to have that trust and you have to like and respect each other, otherwise it wouldn’t work…Susanna and I could both finish each other in five minutes, but we choose not to.”

And one thing the pair are constantly disagreeing about is the royal family, with Piers holding a strong opinion on Meghan Markle and her decision to leave the UK with husband Prince Harry.

“I think he winds me up even more now,” Susanna admits.

“We still have rows off air. At the moment he is quite a wind up because he has a very, very strong view on the biggest story of the moment, Meghan Markle, and of course I take a very different view on her.”

Despite this, Piers and Susanna would love to sit down with the royal couple as they tell us they would be thrilled to land an exclusive GMB chat with them.

“Piers wouldn’t be invited,” Susanna says.

”It is possible to say that you want to give someone a maternal hug without it meaning something else.”

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