SanDisk Professional Builds on G-Technology’s Legacy

Professional filmmakers and photographers have relied on Western Digital’s line of storage products to safeguard their work for years. Now, the storied brand is looking to expand its footprint with a new name and a wider customer base.

Western Digital has introduced SanDisk® Professional, a new line of storage solution products that are designed to meet the growing demands of professionals, regardless of medium.

“Whether you’re a YouTube vlogger, wedding photographer or a huge studio, we have solutions that can improve the way you work,” says Matthew Bennion, director, professional products, at Western Digital. “We specifically designed the SanDisk Professional portfolio to be a one-stop shop for your workflow needs.”

The professional portfolios of filmmakers, photographers and other video experts depend on the visual content they shoot, so quality and reliability are critical. For years, specialists have relied on the G-Technology brand for this. Now, SanDisk Professional builds on that legacy, blending the G-Tech brand’s storied history and reputation with SanDisk’s global legacy to create a product line that will scale worldwide.

“High capacity” and “high performance” are watchwords for creators looking to optimize their workflow, to help minimize costly delays or potential loss of work product.

The SanDisk Professional line of products offers pros and prosumers an array of options, from storage — such as high-performance memory cards and portable SSDs — to more complex solutions, including a dock and readers, as well as enterprise-class desktop RAID drives. The idea is to offer solutions for every stage of the creative process, from capture/record, to ingesting/uploading, through the editing process and all the way to archiving. And the line is modular, built to scale with the customer’s creation by simply daisy chaining compatible components together via a Thunderbolt connection. This adds a degree of flexibility other solutions might not offer.

Western Digital manufactures the majority of internal storage for products in its in-house facilities, from G-DRIVE SSDs to PRO-CINEMA cards, ensuring quality consistency from project to project. Many SanDisk Professional products can be used with either USB-C or Thunderbolt connections, offering speed and wide compatibility. And ultra-rugged portable drives are both crush- and water-resistant, a relief to filmmakers on location, such as adventure photographer and filmmaker Lucas Gilman, who has documented subjects while expedition kayaking in India and Costa Rica, surfing in Brazil and backcountry skiing in Wyoming, Alaska and South America.

“With SanDisk Professional, I know exactly what I’m getting in terms of reliability, speed and durability,” he says. “When I’m out on location, their pro-grade products allow me to get out there and do what I love, without having to compromise efficiency. The last thing I want is to compromise my life’s work, so I need solutions I can rely on. I trust the SanDisk Professional brand to fit my storage and speed needs for whatever project I’m working on.”

For the new portfolio of SanDisk Professional products, Western Digital wanted to improve workflow when the content was in constant motion. The product line is designed for all components to work together. It also has a special focus on peak offload and transfer efficiency, including simultaneous offloads, allowing creators to make multiple backups. The end result is a well-organized and cost-effective tool for the customer.

“We understand that people have varying and evolving needs when it comes to digital storage,” says Klapman. “When we work with our customers, some of their pain points include not having enough computer power needed to power cards, readers, SSDs and desktop drives all at the same time. Because of feedback like this, our SanDisk Professional portfolio of products is specifically engineered to address the needs of our customers that have demanding, multi-stream workloads.”

One of those improvements is faster speeds and increased capacity on the storage devices. The G-DRIVE SSD, for example, is nearly twice as fast now, and it and the G-DRIVE ArmorLock Encrypted NVMe SSD can hold up to 4TB of data. Durability and reliability have been enhanced as well, with thick-gauge aluminum and a cool aluminum core that helps pull heat away from the drive to maintain high performance.

SanDisk Professional offers a high-end, reliable storage option to any user, but as the name suggests, it solves a specific need for professionals, with a complete line of products that make every step of their workflow easier. Visual artists can capture images in the harshest of environments and quickly transfer and stockpile them to a more secure, permanent storage facility. And it offers ultra-premium storage that enables smooth editing and reliable backup, even when creators are on location.

It’s a complete solution that gives users what they need no matter where they are in the world.

“No other brand gives me everything I need to keep up with my momentum when I’m out in the field,” says Gilman.

Note: For storage capacity, 1TB = 1 trillion bytes. Actual user storage may vary.

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