‘Self-centred’ mum-in-law slammed for wearing floor-length white gown to wedding

Upstaging the bride on her wedding day is a big no-no.

So when a woman's mother-in-law rocked up to the ceremony in a floor-length white gown, people weren't impressed.

The groom's mum was pictured clutching onto her son's arm in the lacy frock, while his bride stands at the other side of him with a bouquet.

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On Reddit, people laid into the groom's mum over her choice of attire.

One pointed out: "Interesting dress choice for mother of the groom."

The thread garnered more than 200 responses – and many shared the same concerns.

One Reddit comment, which garnered 1,600 upvotes, reads: "I don't understand people who do this.

"All you're doing is making sure EVERYONE knows you're a self-centred, borderline psychotic, drama queen.

"Literally no one will look at you and think 'That was a great idea!' The entire world is now judging you."

Another said: "I don't understand what sort of narcissist person would want to wear white, cream or beige colour dress to their son's wedding?

"Like are you the bride? Are you going to show off that he is your son first and bride's husband later?

"Like I don't understand their reasoning behind it."

A third joked: "This is the kind of mother-in-law who joins the couple on their honeymoon."

And a fourth jibed: "And sleeps in the bed with the groom, while the bride is relegated to a different room!"


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