Students wash old rug in the bathtub and it’s ‘never been cleaned’ before

A group of students cleaning up their university home couldn't believe what they saw when they tackled an old rug that "had never been washed".

In a video watched on TikTok 5.7 million times, Anna Carey and her pals heave the old-fashioned rug into a bathtub and cover it with detergent and water.

The fusty rug is orange with a green dragon design and after just 10 minutes it has turned the water a dark grey colour.

"It's already so dirty," she writes.

Thirty minutes in and the water looks almost black due to years of dirt polluting the bathwater and the girls decide to leave it for more than an hour to soak.

When it's been in the tub for a long time, they drain away all the filthy water and use the shower hose to rinse down the rug.

In follow-up videos, Anna shows her and her housemates combing the tassels at the edges of the rug and drying it outside on the washing line.

Anna explained the rug was "cool" but "old and dusty" which is why they were so determined to restore it to its original glory.

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The end result divided viewers, with some saying the rug had come up a real treat and others insisting it looked the same.

One viewer said: "It definitely looks brighter."

A second user commented: "Wow it looks the same but I bet it smells fresh."

"This was so underwhelming," complained a third viewer.

Someone else wrote: "Almost all comments say the rug hasn't changed at all but it has cuz the water's been dirty several times they changed it. It's a really good job."

The hardworking students also shared a video of themselves cleaning up the kitchen, washing the dishes, emptying the bins, and vacuuming and mopping the floor.

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