‘World’s hottest gran’ flaunts her eternal looks – but fans notice flaw

The world's hottest gran Gina Stewart is known for her jaw-dropping looks.

She has long blonde hair, blue eyes and gorgeous curves as fans claim she doesn't look a day over 30.

Gina often shares her skin routine and dieting regime as the gran takes pride in her appearance.

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But now the there's a reason why the 52-year-old Australian manages to maintain her youthful looks.

The model has apparently been using artificial intelligence (AI) which even landed her a contract with an agency.

And she's become the world's first AI model.

She told Daily Mail: "The funny thing is the men love it.

"The AI models are glamorous, beautiful and desirable, like Playboy models of the 90s.

"It's a fantasy and an escape from reality."

The gran took a break from social media snaps while travelling this summer in the US.

She got tired of setting up shoots while getting her nail and makeup done, so she turned to AI.

Now she uses thousands of real photos of herself in all angles with the artificial model taking centre stage.

While it started out as a "bit of fun", Gina was amazed by the "mind-blowing results".

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She admitted: "I started posting the AI version of myself on social media as a replacement for myself.

"Then something funny happened. People loved her, and support started flowing in.

"A car magazine approached me to use my AI for the cover of its magazine.

"So I accepted and was offered a 14-page pictorial.

"Instantly, I became the world's first real-life female model to have an AI magazine cover making history."

The youthful model claimed her AI model doesn't have to worry about makeup or lighting for shoots.

Thousands of fans were left gushing as she introduced the AI model for the first time on Instagram earlier this year.

One replied: "Excellent, and we all love to see and visit all your content."

Another added: "You are a goddess."

A third also commented: "Last I saw your beauty was timeless.

"The A.I. is great too – forever the Queen."

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