You’re defrosting your car wrong as using onion could prevent ice

Temperatures are rapidly starting to drop across the UK as the winter months creep in.

Now Brits are waking up to icy windows and it's no secret that it can put people behind during the morning rush to work.

But icy windows aren't only annoying – they're also pretty dangerous – and can land drivers with a £100 fine plus three points on their licence.

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To help people out, cold weather experts from Iceland, Lotus Car Rental, shared a super handy – even if slightly bizarre – hack to prevent frost from developing on car windscreens.

According to The Mirror, all you need is an onion, and it can cost as little as 12p in some supermarkets.

The pros say the humble vegetable works to break down frost as soon as it starts to build on windows.

All you need to do is chop an onion in half, and rub it all over the windows and windscreen of the car.

Do this the night before you're set to use your car, and it will prevent frost from forming.

If you can't get your hands on an onion – don't panic – as it's said a potato can work in the same way.

Vinegar is also good, and if you spray a solution mixed with water on your windscreen, this can work to fight off the frost.

Experts say vinegar is often "used as a de-icer because its freezing point is much lower than waters, meaning H20 doesn’t have the chance to settle and freeze on top of the vinegar".

If using vegetables doesn't sound like a good idea to you then there are plenty of other tricks you can try out.

Some examples are covering the windscreen with a big piece of cardboard or a bed sheet, as this will help to prevent frost from developing.

Experts said: "It may sound obvious, but it’s always worth mentioning that you should never pour boiling hot water onto your windscreen.

"While one in five of us have admitted to doing this, even pouring lukewarm water can cause car windows to crack, especially if they are already chipped.

"Instead, pour some warm water in a ziplock bag and then rub the bag over your windscreen.

"This hack went viral on TikTok last winter because it takes the ice off in seconds!"


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