Former Premier League footballer Carlton Palmer, 57, is hospitalised

Former England footballer Carlton Palmer, 57, is hospitalised after suffering ‘a small heart attack’ in the first mile of Sheffield’s half-marathon – and then running 12 more miles to finish the race alongside his wife

  • Carlton Palmer completed the Sheffield half-marathon in just over two hours
  • But the ex-Premier League star was admitted to hospital due to heart problems 
  • He was kept overnight for observation and tests and updated fans on his health

Former Sheffield Wednesday and Leeds United star Carlton Palmer was admitted to hospital on Sunday after suffering a ‘small heart attack’ while running the Sheffield half-marathon.

Palmer – who was raising money for a number of charities including Cavendish Cancer Care – complained of heart problems in the first mile, before going on to complete the 13-mile course during which his heart rate rose to a dangerously high 232bpm.

The 57-year-old had to go to hospital after the race where he underwent several medical tests, having revealed his ‘heart played up’ at the start of the half-marathon.

At 3am this morning, Palmer explained he had been kept in overnight and updated fans on his Twitter account as he said: ‘Just to let everyone know I am ok, being kept in overnight in hospital observation/tests heart played up again in the first mile but I managed to complete the course. Congratulations to my gorgeous wife for going sub two hours love you.’

He posted a later update that revealed he had suffered a ‘suspected small heart attack’ as he tweeted: ‘Thank you so much for all the lovely messages I have being kept in hospital with a suspected small heart attack ,they want to find out what has caused this problem so tests are ongoing .I will keep you updated .gutted I was flying to Portugal at 4pm with @LucyPal16907599.’

Former Premier League star Carlton Palmer (L) was hospitalised after suffering heart problems

Palmer was kept in overnight for observations and tests before updating fans on his health

He was hospitalised after running the Sheffield half-marathon with his wife Lucy Kirkby-Palmer

He then revealed that he had in fact suffered a ‘suspected small heart attack’ during the race

Palmer also shared several statistics from the race on his Twitter account

The 57-year-old finished the half-marathon in an impressive two hours, nine minutes and 21 seconds and ran alongside his wife, Lucy Kirkby-Palmer – who completed it in under two hours. 

The update to his supporters was accompanied by several statistics from his run, such as revealing he burnt 2230 kcal calories during the race, along with his high heart rate.

Former Sky Sports presenter Chris Kamara was one of many well-wishers to reply to Palmer and said: ‘I’m not the best person to talk to about ignoring stuff Carlton but carrying on running a 10k with heart palpitations. Are you sure! But glad you are ok.’

Earlier on the weekend, Palmer had tweeted ahead of the race: ‘Time to rock and roll Sheffield half marathon tomorrow @lucypal16907588 and I are good to go please support our charity. We thank you.’

This is not the first time Palmer has suffered from heart problems with the former West Brom youngster having to undergo a life-saving five-hour operation for a heart condition back in 2016.

At the time, the former midfielder had just begun a Masters Football game between England and Germany in Singapore despite being advised not to play by his wife and doctor after previous health fears.

Reflecting on the incident in 2017, he told Sportsmail’s Matt Barlow he knew something was immediately wrong. 

‘I was fighting for my life,’ he recounted. ‘I could feel the air leaving my body. My heart was pounding like it was trying to get out of my chest and it was getting worse.

‘I’d always been quite flippant about death. When it comes, it comes, that was my attitude but now I was thinking, “f*** me”, and all the things I should have done were flashing through my mind.

Palmer (third from left) represented several clubs while he also racked up 18 caps for England

‘Someone was shouting, “He’s going to arrest”, and someone else was shouting “Quickly” and I was lying on the trolley with my arms and legs over the sides and I thought it was a stupid way to die.’

After making his name at West Brom between 1984-1989, Palmer moved onto Sheffield Wednesday where he became a cult hero among fans, racking up more than 200 appearances during a five-year-spell.

He then moved onto Leeds where he played more than 100 times, while he also represented clubs such Southampton, Nottingham Forest, Coventry and Stockport before retiring.

Palmer meanwhile earned 18 caps for England and featured in the 1992 Euros for Graham Taylor’s side.

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