A Place in the Sun guests refuse to look inside ‘shocking’ property

A Place in the Sun: Couple refuse to view 'shocking' property

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A Place In The Sun presenter Ben Hillman was tasked with finding guests Debbie and Paul their dream holiday home on the island of Fuerteventura. However, the interior designer was left mortified when the couple refused to take a look inside one of the properties he’d picked out for them on the Channel 4 show, with Debbie branding it “shocking” and Paul saying he “didn’t like anything about it”. 

The couple on Monday’s instalment of the hit property hunting show had a modest budget of £115,000, but they wanted enough room for their parents and Paul’s children to stay over.
They were drawn to Fuerteventura as they had visited the island three times on holiday and had a lust for water sports, cycling, and the sunshine.
Debbie and Paul explained to Ben they wanted a property which would accommodate their elderly parents.
“You haven’t made it an easy job for me, it’s going to be tough,” Ben admitted when discussing their budget and requirements.

Paul and Debbie ruled out the first property Ben took them on a tour of as it had “too many stairs” leading to the front door which they said would be an issue for their parents.
They were more impressed with the second property as it had recently been renovated and was on the market for £107,000.
Despite being dazzled by the property’s modern interior, they were concerned the apartment was “too small” if they were to have guests stay over.
Refusing to admit defeat, Ben went further afield to show the guests his third property choice which was in a more “affordable” part of the island and included two large double bedrooms, a balcony, a tiled bathroom and a modern kitchen.

However, the presenter was left horrified when both Debbie and Paul completely shut down the apartment before even going inside.
When Ben asked Debbie what she thought of the terracotta-coloured apartment block, she bluntly replied: “It’s shocking.”
Ben gasped: “Shocking? Well, that’s stopped me in my tracks.”
An unimpressed Paul added: “I don’t like anything about it at all.”

Ben asked: “Is it worth going inside or am I just flogging a dead horse?”
They both agreed they didn’t want to take a look inside the property, despite Ben trying his hardest to convince them to explore the interior.
“It’s that bad is it?” Ben asked the guests who refused to take a tour of the property and asked to move on to another home.
Paul said the property was “not working for me at all” while Debbie said all the apartments were “too squished together”.

Ben proceeded to take the couple around another two properties in other areas of the island which he hoped would “float their boat”, and the couple agreed they preferred the second and final apartment he showed them around.
However, the following day both Debbie and Paul were reluctant to put an offer in on the second property they viewed.
Ben asked: “What are you expecting to get that is any better? How would you feel in six months if the fifth property is taken off the market?”
Debbie admitted she’d be “gutted”, but wanted more time to think about putting an offer in on the final property they viewed.
In the end, they put in an offer for the second property, but unfortunately, it was rejected so their search will continue.
A Place In The Sun airs weekdays on Channel 4 at 3pm. 

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