A Place in the Sun’s Scarlette left with head in hands as couple cut ‘risky’ viewing short

A Place in the Sun: Guests criticise Greek property

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On Monday afternoon, Channel 4 viewers were once again transported to the sun-soaked location of Paros, Greece to see if property expert Scarlette Douglas could find couple Caitlin and Simon their dream holiday home. With a budget of £140,000 to find a perfect two-bed place for themselves and their son Oscar, Scarlette admitted from the get-go it would be a challenge to tick all of their boxes after they’d requested to be in close proximity to the sea and local amenities. And this challenge was no more evident than at property number four when the A Place in the Sun host was left with her head in her hands in disappointment.

Scarlette’s mission instantly got off to a rocky start with Caitlin and Simon when she had shown them the first two properties up her sleeve.

First up was a three-story, two-bedroom house with a self-contained apartment on the market for £138,500 – well within budget.

However, within minutes Caitlin said it was a “little further from the beach than we’d like to be,” before Simon gave his verdict and ruled it out as he didn’t like the unorthodox layout.

Secondly, Scarlette had lined up a two-bed apartment with a communal pool for the two to peruse and was listed on the market under budget at £129,000.

“I think it’s a real gem,” Scarlette said but it soon became clear Caitlin and Simon weren’t on the same page.

“The property is amazing, but the location…” Caitlin said as she and her other half ruled it out once again for its location and distance from the coast and supermarkets.

With no contenders in the bag, Scarlette was hoping the third home would finally tick some of the pair’s boxes – and she was right.

A two-bed detached house which was listed over budget but within their wriggle room at £143,000 came with a roof terrace and was closer to amenities with just a 15-minute walk to the supermarket.

“Lovely,” Simon said right away as Caitlin concurred: “This place has a really nice feel to it so I can see myself spending time here.”

“Let’s go outside because I think this has the best outside space we’ve seen,” Scarlette added in property number three and Caitlin and Simon continued to be blown away.

As they reconvened, Simon admitted it was “by far the best for what we want”.

Sadly, the same couldn’t be said for property number four – a three-bed detached house further afield – and the Channel 4 host couldn’t mask her frustration.

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“It has been a challenge and it has been a problem to get you closer to amenities,” Scarlette said as they arrived at the fourth option.

“I haven’t managed it here but I wanted to show it to you because of the space,” she added as the huge house came with plenty of outdoor space and was decked out in a modern interior.

On the market for £147,500 with some room for negotiation, Scarlette added: “It was a bit of a risk bringing them to a property not closer to amenities (but) I couldn’t not show it to them.”

However, she may have wished she hadn’t as, as soon as the pair stepped inside, they were straight back out.

“That was a quick house search,” Scarlette joked before Caitlin explained: “It’s a shame about the area. Even with the extra bedroom, I don’t think it’s going to make up for it.”

“I can see why you bought us here,” Simon added. “But it just doesn’t make up for the lack of local amenities.”

The two cut the viewing there and then and Scarlette was left with her head in her hands that the risk hadn’t paid off.

In the end, the fifth property piqued both their interest and they made an offer on the one-bed property with the plans of converting its cast space into a second room.

Their offer of £140,000 was rejected but was countered with £147,500 – in the end, they countered again with £143,000 but ultimately went home empty-handed.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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