Celebrity SAS fans fume as they call teary Jade’s brutal elimination a ‘fix’

Viewers of Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins have been left fuming as they accused the show of being a "fix" as Olympian Jade Jones was eliminated moments prior to the final stage.

The brutal final episode of the series saw Jade, 29, and fellow participants Ferne McCann and AJ Pritchard face interrogation.

"There will come a time in interrogation where you feel you're just about to be executed, or one of you're teammates are about to be executed," explained Chief Instructor Rudy, a former member of the US Special Forces.

"That's when you come clean, and you give them the information" he finished, revealing that in this task the participants are expected to eventually give up their information.

While neither Ferne or AJ gave up information, and Jade only did so at the very last second, it was only Jade who faced elimination.

Some angry fans took to Twitter arguing that this was unfair, and accused the show of being "a fix."

One viewer wrote: "That is so unfair on jade, it stinks of a #fix this does."

"This show just lost me right there. Random elimination of Jade. Utter b*llocks" posted another.

A third argued: "Jade will be so pissed off that AJ got through when he stood next to her and said nothing. She spoke at the last second just as Callum, but she got booted? Ridiculous."

Taken to the Umpire, Jade was told that she had not passed this stage.

The Umpire explained: "What it fundamentally comes down to is as a detainee, as a prisoner you've got to be valuable, you've got to give something that they say 'F**k me we've got to keep her alive.'"

In a VT Jade said: "I think if I did give my everything and I had nothing left, then I think I could walk away from it like, 'Wow that was tough, I didn't have what it takes but I gave it everything.'"

Following Jade's elimination, just four celebrities remained, Ferne, 32, AJ, 27, Callum Best, 41, and Maisie Smith, 21.

All four took part in the final stage, and were successful, with Rudy Reyes revealing they had all completed the gruelling SAS selection course.

Revealing this, he told the celebrities: "From day one, we demanded 100 per cent. Into your tasks, into your discipline, into your teamwork.

"Which of you gave everything they had? That's what we demand. Congratulations. You all have passed this course. Job well done."


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