Coronation Street betrayal as Tracy Barlow begins steamy affair with Curtis Delamere?

Coronation Street: Curtis tells Emma the truth about his condition

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Tracy (played by Kate Ford) hasn’t had much of a storyline of late on Coronation Street, aside from going viral on the internet when Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon) started arguing with her during Monday night’s episodes. However, during Wednesday evening’s instalments on the ITV soap, the mother of one didn’t get to attend the wedding of her best friend Abi Franklin (Sally Carman) as the nuptials were very last minute. Though, her luck changed when Curtis (Sam Retford) seemed to see the cobbles vixen in a whole new light but will they end up having a steamy affair?

During the latest double-bill of the weeknight serial drama, Curtis was seen talking about his heart condition to Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson).

The youngster explained how his girlfriend, Emma Brooker (Alexandra Mardell) was being a huge support to him but she was also suffocating him at the same time.

Knowing his daughter’s boyfriend needed to focus and get to an exam, Steve offered to drop him off as he had a free taxi.

Unfortunately, the car failed to start and knowing time was against him, Curtis got out to give the vehicle a push.

In doing so, he overexerted himself and he ended up getting chest pains, leading to him being rushed to hospital.

When the doctors said they were going to examine him, Curtis asked Steve to downplay the situation to Emma so she wouldn’t be worried.

Once his girlfriend got to the hospital, the youngster once again reassured her nothing too bad was going to happen.

In the back of his mind, he wasn’t too sure whether his heart condition was going to cost him his life in the near future or if he really had nothing to worry about.

With Curtis having missed his exam, Steve drove his daughter and her boyfriend back to Weatherfield so they could get some rest.

As they pulled up outside the Rovers Return, Tracy emerged from the pub in a dress she was going to be wearing for Abi’s wedding.

Tracy, you look lovely

Curtis Delamere

Stepping out of the taxi, the first thing Curtis said was: “Hiya, Tracy. You look lovely,” and the mother of one was left gleaming from ear to ear.

“Oh, thank you, Curtis,” she replied before adding: “Ey, Steve. Why can’t you learn to give a compliment like that?”

“What” You brushed your hair nice,” the taxi driver responded before Emma’s boyfriend became more and more interested in Tracy by asking her how the wedding was.

The businesswoman explained the wedding had gone ahead in secret and so she never ended up going to the nuptials.

Emma interrupted her stepmother as she said: “I’m sorry but we need to get back to the flat, Curtis has had a funny turn.”

Almost embarrassed with what his girlfriend was saying, the youngster reassured Tracy he was fine but she proceeded to ask what had happened.

“I had a little dizzy spell,” Curtis replied before he told Emma they should get back to the flat, ending his conversation with Steve’s wife.

Although this seemed to be a passing commentary between Curtis and Tracy, this could be the start of a bigger storyline for the pair.

In the past, the florist has betrayed her husband on numerous occasions by having affairs with both men and women.

Despite being utterly heartbroken, Steve has taken his other half back to try and keep their family together and united.

However, the reason she turned to Paula Martin (Stirling Gallacher) for comfort last year was because she felt neglected by Steve.

As it seems he is failing to pay her compliments, where Curtis is, Tracy could find herself wanting a passionate fling with the youngster.

By the end of Wednesday night’s second episode of Coronation Street, the medical student had proposed to his girlfriend.

Emma accepted and in the coming weeks, they will be planning their nuptials as Curtis wants to make her happy before his heart condition gets the better of him.

With preparations underway, the relative newcomer to the show could find it too much pressure as his other half begins to suffocate him again.

Someone who wouldn’t be too overbearing would be Tracy as she would give him escapism from everything going on in his life.

As the big day dawns and Curtis, unable to deal with his betrayal, could tell Emma all about the affair at the altar.

Unfortunately, this would end their relationship as Emma has been hurt too many times before by men on the cobbles.

This would also leave Steve and Tracy’s marriage in jeopardy as the former wouldn’t be able to let another cheating scandal pass by without severe consequences.

Will Tracy find herself issued with a divorce as her husband believes enough is enough?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV.

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