Coronation Street fans beg show to scrap controversial student-teacher storyline

Coronation Street fans have begged ITV bosses to scrap a controversial storyline between Summer Spellman and her tutor Daniel Osborne.

Viewers have shared their concerns that the teacher and student relationship could turn romantic in upcoming episodes and many fans have shared their thoughts on the prospect of an inappropriate relationship between the pair.

So far, the soap has shown Daniel step in as Summer's new English teacher in addition to giving her extra support with her aspirational application to study at Oxford next year.

And while the teacher’s actions have been nothing but professional throughout the show, loyal fans of the show are convinced his student is slowly falling in love with him.

As their one-on-one sessions continue, viewers are convinced there is a horrifying storyline waiting for the 17-year-old Summer as some fear her 26-year-old teacher may have ulterior motives.

Hints have been dropped throughout the long-standing show which indicate Daniel may have a history of relationships with younger women after his courtship with Bethany Platt caused quite the issue for him in the past.

In addition to this, the young teacher has also been accused of favouritism in his classroom through his private tutoring sessions with Summer while he ignores the needs of other students such as Max Turner.

During last night’s episode, viewers watched Summer gush over Daniel after she confessed she had copied his personal statement to use on her application which would have cost her a place at the prestigious university.

Luckily her boyfriend Aadi Alahan contacted Daniel and convinced him to stop her from submitting the application.

But fans many fans felt uncomfortable that Summer was relieved that Daniel stopped her through his kind understanding words towards her situation.

This caused an outpour of viewers to share their disgust at the blossoming relationship between the two online.

One user penned: “Please don’t go there with Summer and Daniel” while another begged: “Don’t go there with Danniel and Summer I beg #Corrie.”

A third agreed: “Hope this Daniel/Summer story isn’t going where I think it is … #corrie.”

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