'Dexter: New Blood' Finale Recap — 'Sins of the Father'

Dexter: New Blood released the final chapter of the 10 episode revival. The season finale marked the end of an era for Dexter fans everywhere. Showtime’s hit series first premiered back in 2006 and the revival revisited Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) 10 years after he faked his own death. In episode 10, “Sins of the Father,” Dexter’s past finally caught up with him in a finale that was shocking, heartbreaking, and satisfying.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Dexter: New Blood Episode 10, “Sins of the Father.”]

Angela backs Dexter into a corner in ‘Dexter: New Blood’ Episode 10

The Dexter: New Blood finale opens with Chief Angela Bishop (Julia Jones) putting out an APB on Molly Park, who at this point has been missing for 72 hours. Dexter watches as the good people of Iron Lake help him deal with the aftermath of Kurt burning his home to the ground. In his internal monologue, Dexter decides that he and Harrison (Jack Alcott) need to leave town so he can teach him the Code. Dexter suggests Los Angeles, and an initially tentative Harrison eventually agrees.

Back at Angela’s home, the Chief of Police sends Audrey (Johnny Sequoyah) and Harrison out for some groceries. Angela then arrests Dexter for the murder of Matt Caldwell. At the police station, Angela reveals that she found one of the screws from Matt Caldwell’s leg in the rubble of Dexter’s cabin.

However, Angela doesn’t want Dexter to go down for Matt’s murder alone. She calls up Angel Batista (David Zayas) and asks him some questions about the Bay Harbor Butcher. When Angela informs him that Dexter is still alive, Batista says he will be in Iron Lake the next day. Angela then reveals to Dexter that she plans to extradite him to Florida, where he will stand trial as they Bay Harbor Butcher and face the possibility of the death penalty.

Dexter shows his true colors by killing an innocent

After Angela reveals her plan, Dexter tells her to go to Kurt’s cabin to find the bodies of the missing women she has been investigating. In Angela’s absence, Dexter manages to put Logan (Alano Miller) in a chokehold through the bars of his jail cell. When Logan refuses to unlock the cell, Dexter snaps his neck and frees himself.

Meanwhile, a heartbroken Angela finds Kurt’s lair and realizes Molly and all the missing girls came to an untimely end. Dexter calls Harrison from Logan’s cellphone and tells him to get his stuff and meet him. When the pair reunite, Harrison realizes from the blood on Dexter’s face that he killed Logan. Harrison is shocked, yelling at Dexter that he thought he only killed people who deserved it.

‘Dexter: New Blood’ gave its main character a decisive ending

In the end, Harrison denies that he is like his father, telling him, “My anger isn’t because I’m like you, my anger is because of you.” He refuses to run away with Dexter, telling his father he has to turn himself in. When Dexter tries to leave, Harrison aims his rifle at him. Reminding Dexter of all the death he caused, Harrison yells, “Open your eyes and look at what you did!”

The faces of Logan, Laguerta, Doakes, Lundy, Rita, Harry, and Deb flash across Dexter’s mind before he admits that Harrison is right. Dexter then apologizes to Harrison, before telling him to take the safety off the gun. Dexter then points at his chest, giving his son permission to shoot. Harrison shoots, and a dying Dexter holds the ghost of Deb’s (Jennifer Carpenter) hand.

Later Angela arrives on the scene. She gives Harrison some money and tells him to leave town. Angela then wipes Harrison’s prints from the gun and calls in an officer-involved shooting. In the last moments of the Dexter: New Blood finale, Harrison drives away from Iron Lake. Dexter narrates the letter he once wrote Hannah, with the final words being, “So unless Harrison starts showing any dark tendencies I beg you, let me die so my son can live.”

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