Discovery of Witches’ Peter Knox star explains ‘real reason’ behind obsession with Diana

A Discovery Of Witches season 3 trailer from Sky

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Peter Knox (played by Owen Teale) is introduced in the first season of A Discovery of Witches as a potential ally to Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) after she unearths the missing Book of Life. However, much like his role in Deborah Harkness’ All Souls Trilogy, it doesn’t take long for him to reveal his ulterior motives in Sky’s adaptation and try to claim the Book for himself.

Welsh actor Owen has shared the full details of Peter’s motives throughout the three seasons of Sky’s hit fantasy series.

A Discovery of Witches’ third season brought the epic drama to an end earlier this year, including a fitting demise for Owen’s obsessive witch.

Originally appearing in Oxford to warn her about the potential dangers in unlocking the Book of Life’s secrets, Peter quickly shows his true colours when Diana refuses to join forces.

Owen has since explained how Peter’s goal lied not with preventing the Book from falling into the wrong hands, but instead with gaining access to its pages for himself.

“He knows that she’s the only one that has the power to unlock the Book,” he revealed. “That the Book will relate to and open to.”

The series regular went on to praise lead actress Teresa’s central performance as the determined witch, who fights to bring balance back to the Congregation.

He explained during a recent Q&A ahead of the series finale: “It’s a beautiful metaphor in her naivety at the beginning, in her innocence.

“We want to believe that that is the path to true enlightenment. And there she is.”

“It’s so beautifully realised by Teresa because it never hangs about in a self-conscious, sanctimonious way. She’s a live woman.”

Peter is revealed to have close ties with Diana’s dead parents, Rebecca Bishop (Sophia Myles) and Stephen Proctor (David Newman), who tried to keep their daughter’s immense powers hidden from the Congregation.

This even extended to keeping her spellbound to ensure the full extent of her abilities remained undetected from witches like Peter.

Sadly, their efforts proved fruitless as Peter eventually tracked them down, and Rebecca and Stephen were killed in his attempts to drain their power in lieu of Diana’s.

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Owen added: “He desperately needs the power, you know? He is not a great believer in democracy.”

While Diana and her new ally and lover Matthew Clairmont (Matthew Goode) fight to reunite the world’s Creatures, Peter is terrified of witches being driven out by vampires and daemons.

Therefore, he uses any means necessary to enhance his own powers and stop anyone who stands in the way of his ultimate goal.

This tragically led to the death of Diana’s aunt Emily Mather (Valarie Pettiford), though Sarah (Alex Kingston) and Diana eventually got their revenge.

“You’ve got to get these people out of the way,” Owen continued. “Otherwise we’re not going to get progress.

“And progress for him is to go back to a place of having the greatest power as witches, and not having to suffer under the, as he sees it, the greater power of, particularly, the vampires.”

Peter’s villainous schemes were finally brought to an end in season three, and A Discovery of Witches concluded with the Congregation declaring peace at last.

However, there is still a chance of another threat emerging if Sky decides to resurrect the series to adapt Deborah’s follow-up novel, Time’s Convert.

A Discovery of Witches seasons 1-3 are available to stream on Sky Go and NOW.

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