EastEnders fans predict dark Aaron twist with far-right terror plot

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EastEnders Aaron Monroe may have a far darker past than anybody had predicted after a targeted rant at Bobby Beale over his religious beliefs.

Viewers' minds were whirring over scenes which caused concern regarding Aaron and his history, leaving many fans convinced that he might be planning a far-right terror plot.

In a family lunch, Bobby Beale was discussing his religious beliefs after he converted to Islam, with Aaron quizzing him on the Qur'an and digging at each response.

In a private chat with his dad, Harvey said to Aaron: "You know a lot about the Qur'an," which saw Aaron tell his dad he's taking an interest in it.

However, in a big cause for concern, Harvey said: "Does this mean what I think it does?", Aaron added: "Dad, chill out."

Harvey said: "Are you involved again?", Aaron told his dad that he had "grown out" of all that, with Harvey adding: "You know all the right arguments… are you or are you not?"

Shutting down his dad, Aaron said: "I was getting to know my little sister's boyfriend. It's called conversation. Dad, I've moved on. I've grown up, I ain't seen those boys in years!"

Taking to Twitter, one user wrote: "I knew it! Aaron is definitely far right."

Another said: "Are they going down a right-wing extremism route with Aaron? The rumours of a bomb on the Square over Christmas seems to point towards some kind of far right terror attack."

A third person wrote: "I think Aaron's going to plan something seeing as planning for the new mosque has been approved."

As the episode continued, Aaron confirmed that he had been hanging around with some old friends – but Aaron told his dad that he was done with them.

However, it seems he wasn't being entirely honest, with Aaron spray painting a Swastika on the place where the mosque will be built.

He was seen on the phone to a friend as he had his hood up and his face covered while telling them that their plan is still on and the mosque will "never be built".

With a bomb expected on Albert Square over Christmas, fans are certain that it will be placed at the mosque as Aaron's intentions become clear.

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