EastEnders shock as Shirley Carter avenges Tina – and leaves legendary character for dead

EASTENDERS fans were left in shock as Shirley Carter avenged Tina – and left a legendary character for dead. 

Tina was murdered by Gray Atkins after she confronted him about murdering his wife Chantelle. 

However, Shirley and Mick are convinced that Tina is in hiding after Sharon and Phil framed her for the attack against Ian Beale.

Shirley recently guilt-tripped Sharon into reporting Phil to the police for the attack in an attempt to get Tina off the hook. 

Tonight, Shirley charged round to confront lawyer Gray for getting Phil off the hook.

When Gray told her to take her anger out on Phil, Shirley did exactly that and burst into his house to confront him. 

When he laughed at her, Shirley grabbed a bat from the cupboard and vowed to get revenge for Tina.

Phil goaded her, saying: “Go on, Shirley. You’ve got one shot, go on.

“Nah I didn’t think so. I know you, Shirley. You feel guilty because you couldn’t protect her, but Tina is a grown up.”

Phil turned round and turned the hob on, saying: “She could be here living her life. But instead she was too stupid to sit tight.”

At that, Shirley flew into a rage and clobbered him with the bat, watching as he fell to the floor.

That wasn’t the end of the drama as Janine Butcher burst in looking for her daughter Scarlett, who’d run away from the Square. 

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But Scarlett refused to leave with Janine and ran upstairs with Tommy Moon.

Janine followed, failing to notice Scarlett’s cardigan on top of the hob, which was catching fire. 

As the episode came to a close, Phil lay unconscious on the floor as the flames rose above him.

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