Emmerdale fans predict mystery driver’s identity as they spot glimpse of face

Fans of ITV 's Emmerdale believe they have managed to work out who was driving the mysterious car that followed Chloe and Kerry on Tuesday night's show.

Chloe Harris, played by Jessie Elland, appeared on the show for the first time this August, and her past has remained a mystery ever since.

She was linked into the show as the sister of Gemma Harris, a young woman who died in a car accident. Gemma's heart was donated to Sarah Sugden who Chloe decided to meet on her first episode on Emmerdale.

Although fans do not know much about Chloe's past, many believe they have started to crack the case of Chloe's 'dangerous dad' in prison.

As a car followed Chloe and Kerry Wyatt viewers managed to catch a glimpse of who they believed was Chloe's father.

Many took to Twitter to share their theories.

One fan wrote: "Who is that following Kerry and Chloe? Could it be Chloe's father?"

Another tweeted: "Building it up nicely for Chloe’s dad. The lurker is daddy. "

A third social media user wrote: "Chloe’s Dad’s got eyes on her…."

And another added: "Her dad’s put his boys on tracking Chloe’s every move."

Some eagle-eyed fans predicted that Chloe's father could be a past character, after her surname was revealed, and many paused their screens to try and get a close up shot of the mysterious driver.

"I'm literally on the floor trying to get a close up on Chloe's dad! doesn't look like Declan or Pierce! #emmerdale" one fan tweeted.

Another questioned, "Was that Corrie ’s Pat Phelan following Kerry and Chloe."

Viewers were left in suspense as the car, with the license plate "GII WGN", followed Chloe and Kerry.

However, it is not just in this episode that fans have tried to crack the case of Chloe's mysterious father.

Earlier this month, fans heard that Chloe's father is a dangerous man, who monitors her every move at home on CCTV.

As Chloe's mother and sister are both dead, Chloe has little family left, but fans worry about her mysterious father in prison.

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV and the ITVHub.

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