Emmerdale tragedy as David Metcalfe killed saving Victoria from deadly attack?

Emmerdale: Meena slips up under police questioning

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Wednesday’s episode of the ITV soap saw things come to a head with Wendy Posner (played by Susan Cookson) and Russ (Rob Jarvis), with Victoria (Isabel Hodgins) left caught in the middle of it all. Wendy’s ex-husband has been threatening her because his late mother left all her money to Wendy’s grandson, Harry. Making up a story about needing money, Victoria was prepared to send him some cash, but Wendy had a last-minute change of heart and went to warn Victoria just in time. But unfortunately, an armed Russ turned up and is keeping the pair hostage, demanding Victoria send him the money. Emmerdale’s David (Matthew Wolfenden) was nearby when the chaos kicked off, and Russ warned the women that anybody who interfered would be “hurt”. With David and Victoria’s secret attraction for each other becoming more obvious, he would likely risk his life to protect her – but could he be killed by a relentless Russ?

David had agreed to meet Victoria earlier in the episode, so he is bound to notice something is very wrong if he drops by.

“Everyone from the office is working from home,” she told David, adding: “So you could use the scanner there.”

“Victoria, I could kiss you,” he replied before she remarked: “Shake my hand in a platonic way.”

He agreed he’d come at lunchtime. Later on, Russ demanded Victoria and Wendy’s possessions as he locked them in.

“This is a public place,” Wendy cried, continuing: “There’s people coming and going all the time, how long before somebody sees something?”

Russ ominously replied: “Yeah, well here’s hoping no one does, because that makes it more likely they’ll get hurt.

“You be grateful it’s just the three of us and you pray that it stays that way.”

Meanwhile, David was happily scanning the papers he needed, while listening to headphones and unaware of what was going on close by.

Victoria tried to make Russ see reason, telling him: “I’m so sorry for whatever you’ve got yourself into, but this isn’t the way to do things, you must realise that.”

But he pointed the gun at Victoria, urging her to stop.

“Victoria, he’s serious,” Wendy warned. In the closing scene, Russ ordered Wendy to transfer him the money.

David is bound to realise something is going on soon, and if he sees that Victoria is in trouble, he’ll intervene.

But Russ’s warning seems to foreshadow what’s bound to happen – David will end up in trouble.

Trying to help the women, he may attempt to speak to Russ, or even he if decides to call the police, Russ is likely to hear.

Will Russ turn the gun on David as he hinted he would to any passers-by?

David and Victoria’s spark for one another has been building, even though he is with Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu).

Will this be how their secret romance will come to a tragic end?

Although the pair have agreed not to take things further, they did share a kiss, and Meena is aware something is going on between them.

It was clear the relationship was going to reach a shocking conclusion, and perhaps David’s attempt to save Victoria will cost him his life.

Victoria is bound to be devastated if David does get shot while trying to help her, and will perhaps be forced to allow Russ to flee with the money so she can get help for him.

But could this be the end for David? If he does die, he might never find out that Meena is a killer.

Attempting to cover up the fact that she had murdered her friend, it was Meena who killed Leanna Cavanagh (Mimi Slinger) before staging her death as a drunken accident.

David has no idea about Meena’s dangerous ways, but she has been doing some more scheming lately to make Victoria pay for her closeness with David.

If Meena finds out David was hurt while trying to protect Victoria, it’s only a matter of time before she will plot some kind of revenge against her.

But will David survive to see the outcome? Fans will hope the shop owner pulls through, as his step-son Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant) has already lost his girlfriend Leanna this year.

Additionally, viewers are keen for him to find out what kind of person Meena truly is.

Emmerdale continues on Thursday at 7pm on ITV.

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