Emmerdale’s Liv and Vinny to get a ‘big surprise’ in coming episodes

Emmerdale fans have watched Vinny Dingle (played by Bradley Johnson) and Liv Flaherty’s (Isobel Steele) relationship survive a near-death experience, a sweet secret (but not for long) marriage and Vinny’s disapproving adoptive mother Mandy (played by Lisa Riley).

Avid viewers of the longtime soap have been left scratching their heads at fan-favourite Vinny’s fate, after he’s escaped a number of near-death experiences including a prolonged head injury that was sustained by him after her was held hostage in an abandoned barn with Manpreet Sharma by evil murderer Meena Jutla.

Fans thought the couple had finally found happiness when they secretly got engaged and decided to get married without telling any of their family or loved ones as they eloped.

But is their happiness to last?

For the fans who just can’t wait to see what’s next in Emmerdale, the hit ITV show’s producer Laura Shaw told OK! and other press what we can expect from upcoming episodes.

Laura said: "So Liv and Vinny will get a big surprise, it's going to impact them hugely and turn their lives upside down a bit, Sam and Lydia will also have a big story that sees them having to pull together.

“I think the stories that are running through the summer are very much about strengthening some of our couples and seeing them fight for what they love. As well as maybe pushing one or two others to breaking point."

She continued: “Cain and Chas as our most loved sibling pairing also have a lot going on as Faith's secret from the big week will impact on them.

"We're actually just about to start shooting a really special episode that honestly made me cry, just reading the script as it explores more of their rich history and how their upbringing hugely affects the decisions that they make in the present. And beyond this, we will certainly see not all those decisions are good ones."

Emmerdale is set to celebrate 50 years on television later on in the year, and Laura touched on how the show is going to celebrate.

“Of course, we're still planning for our huge 50th Golden birthday in the autumn. I think we're all really absolutely giddy about it here.

“It's just our big chance to showcase everything that we do best and make sure every single one of our wonderful characters in the show gets a little bit of limelight, because there's definitely going to be something for everyone there.

She teased: “I can't really tell you much more about that because obviously, it's a while away. Now I'm heading off to the edit suite to put the very final touches to that big week!”

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