GMB News host demands apology from Gary Lineker after social media ‘abuse’

Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker has incurred the wrath of GB News host Nana Akua who reminded viewers of when she claims he "had a go at" her on Twitter and says "I demand an apology".

Gary has recently been found in breach of his BBC contract after he made comments about the Conservative party taking money from Russian donors.

The presenter, who also got into trouble earlier this year on Twitter over a tweet about England's Lionesses, retweeted a post that read: "Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has urged Premier League teams to boycott the Champions League final in Russia if they reach it."

But he added his own opinion saying: "And her party will hand back their donations from Russian donors?" which the BBC concluded breached its impartiality guidelines.

And now GB News presenter Nana Akua has seized the opportunity to air an old grievance on her show saying: "(Gary) had a go at me on social media a year ago to this day."

Nana added: "At last, someone has caught up with our dear friend Gary Lineker, auntie, aka the BBC, have finally found some balls to admit that he has overstepped the mark."

She added: "How about when he had a go at me on social media a year ago to this day? I remember it clearly because it was the day Sir David Amess died.

"Gary called me vile on social media instigating a pile on to his 8.2million followers because I dared to support Priti Patel's turn-back policy.

"He said, 'I find it hard to imagine how anyone could show such an extraordinary lack of empathy for our fellow human beings'. Vile."

Nana continued: "Yet Gary is more than happy to go to the Qatar World Cup in December to commentate in the very stadium that 100's of migrants died building."

Not finished with her rant, she went on: "Where is his empathy for them? And when I wrote repeatedly to the BBC to his boss, to Tim Davie and to the BBC complaints department, I was told, 'We are very sorry to hear about the abuse and threats that you have received, which we clearly strongly deplore.

"Gary gave his own personal response to the views you expressed on the Jeremy Vine show on October 15 on his own Twitter account. Gary is well aware of the social media guidelines, and there was no intention to provoke abuse. Yours sincerely, Phillip Bernie'.

But Nana didn't find this response to be sufficient. She continued to complain about the online abuse she'd suffered as a result of Gary's tweet saying:

"Really? He didn't know what would happen if he lumped a load of abuse my way to his 8.2million followers. I'd question that. The BBC eventually closed down my complaint, hoping that I would go away and that would be the end of it."

She finally concluded: "Gary has yet to comment, which is unlike him. Well if that was a breach then I want them to reopen my case, I bet he wished I would go away, no chance buddy, I demand an apology."

Viewers took to social media to support Nana's request for an apology with one posted: "And you deserve one. About time @BBC took responsibility for @GaryLineker. Make sure your case is reopened, & get that apology in public."

Another said: "Go, Nana," followed by the clapping hand emoji.

And a third wrote: "Well said @Nanaakua1 & @GBNEWS I find it a breath of fresh air to finally have someone standing up to all this left wing."


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