Here’s a look at the cast of German thriller Woman of the Dead

Netflix: Official trailer for new film Totenfrau

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Revenge drama Woman of the Dead has landed on Netflix today (January 5) with all six episodes streaming globally on the platform now. The German show also known as Totenfrau is based on the 2015 novel by author Bernhard Aichner. The drama follows a woman who embarks on a journey of cold-blooded revenge following the death of her husband.

As she seeks to find out the truth, she will also undercover many ugly secrets from her close-knit community.

A trailer for the show was dropped back in November last year and featured a summary underneath, which read: “Blum, owner of a funeral parlor [sic] in a popular ski resort and loving mother of two children, is shaken to the core when her husband dies in an accident.

“Soon she realizes [sic] that he was murdered because he was about to unfold a terrible secret.

“This revelation sets her on a quest for revenge, however, it’s not long before the hunter becomes the hunted.”

The trailer also whets viewers’ appetites with the opening shot featuring one character warning: “This place is damned by God. It takes from us everything we hold dear.”

Along with idyllic shots of snow-capped mountains where the show is set, there are scenes of violence as audiences are plunged deep into the quagmire.

The story has been described as Kill Bill meets with Dexter via Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and the teaser certainly does have touches of these three stories.

Additionally, there’s the promise of an overarching conspiracy theory which is reminiscent of HBO’s True Detective, complete with creepy masks and a trafficking ring.

Who is in the cast of Woman of the Dead?

Brunhilde Blum – Anna Maria Mühe

Anna Maria Mühe takes on the vengeful Brunhilde Blum who is seeking answers after her husband is killed in what appears to be a tragic accident.

Mühe is best known for her roles in NSU: German History X, Love in Thoughts, Novemberkind and Anna and the Prince.

Reza Shadid – Yousef ‘Joe’ Sweid

Yousef ‘Joe’ Sweid portrays Reza Shadid after roles in Odyssey, The Bubble, Agora, Unorthodox, The Spy, Baghdad Central and American Assassin.

Jakob – Luis Vorbach

Meanwhile, Luis Vorbach portrays Jakob with the actor best known for Das perfekte Geheimnis, Das Glaszimmer and Auf Augenhöhe.

Dunja – Romina Küper

Romina Küper plays the part of Dunja and she has previously featured in Anfang, Your Color, Malou and will next be starring in Gebär, du tanzeder Stern!

Bertl Puch – Gregor Bloéb

Gregor Bloéb assumes the part of Bertl Puch with the actor appearing in Chalet Girl, Tatort, Arme Millionäre and Die Landärztin.

Wilhelm Danzberger – Robert Palfrader

Robert Palfrader is Wilhelm Danzberger with the star also counting credits in Air sind Kaiser, Sedwitz, BÖsterreich and Und Äktschn!

Wachmann – Franz Josef Danner

Franz Josef Danner is playing Wachmann after the actor has appeared in Meiberger: Chasing Minds and Der Tote am Teich.

Pfarrer Jaunig – Simon Schwarz

Simon Schwarz will be playing the shady priest Pfarrer Jaunig, who could be hiding lots of secrets.

The actor has also appeared in Tatort, Crush My Heart, Everything Will Be Okay, The Inheritors and Winterkartoffelknödel.

Anna May – Katrin Butt

Katrin Butt will star as Anna May after parts in Mr Trump feiert Thanksgiving, Die Meiers, L’Amour de confinement and Künstlerportraits Johanna Mertinz.

Other cast members are Stephanie Lexer as Elena and Felix Klare as Herr Blum.

Woman of the Dead is streaming on Netflix now

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