American media reacts to Prince Harry's 'whine tour' to promote Spare

‘We’re sick of Prince Harry’s whine tour!’ American media reacts to Spare PR push… as Fox calls it the ‘final nail in the coffin’ while Daily Beast slams his attempt to blame Wills and Kate for Nazi uniform as ‘extraordinary’

  • Harry has been busy promoting the book that will be published on Tuesday 
  • Leaked versions and excerpts reveal he renews his attacks on his brother William
  • US media is reacting already with disdain and exhaustion, calling it a ‘whine tour’
  • Harry and Meghan’s Netflix docuseries was widely panned by American critics  

American media has reacted with disdain to Prince Harry’s ongoing PR push to promote his new book Spare, with some outlets labeling it a ‘whine tour’ while experts say it’s the ‘final nail in the coffin’ for his relationship with his family. 

Harry’s memoir was not due to be officially published until Tuesday, in a coordinated, worldwide release, but some Spanish publishers jumped the gun and released the book today, sparking an unplanned feeding frenzy. 

Early translations of that version of the book along with excerpts obtained by The Guardian and Page Six reveal that Harry uses the book to renew and recharge his attacks on his brother, Prince William, and his wife Kate. 

Harry will appear in two interviews this weekend – one on ITV in the UK and another on CBS in America – and he also sat down with ABC’s Michael Strahan for a third interview to air on Monday morning.  

Where there was once sympathy for Harry and Meghan among American media outlets, there now appears to be exhaustion and skepticism. 

The Daily Caller’s blistering description of Harry and his book. Columnist Leena Nasir called him ‘neutered’ and said Americans were ‘sick of hearing about his plight’ 

The Daily Beast, which previously seemed to support the couple, said Harry’s attempt to blame Wills and Kate for the Nazi uniform was ‘extraordinary’ and showed a refusal to take responsibility for the incident 

Fox headlined on a royal commentator calling it the ‘final nail in the coffin’ for Harry 

New York Post columnist Miranda Devine said Harry was a ‘baby’ who ‘can’t even take responsibility for his own mistakes’ 

Kinsey Schofield, an American royal journalist and podcast host who had championed Harry’s book before knowing its contents, walked back her support of it and called herself an ‘idiot’ for supporting him 

The Daily Caller’s columnist Leena Nasir was brutal, calling Harry ‘neutered’ and saying ‘even those who initially supported his plight are sick of hearing about it’. 

Harry’s book goes on sale in the US on Tuesday 

‘Prince Harry is still chatting up the press about his royal sob story and recently appeared on “60 Minutes” to whine about his familial breakdown.

‘Harry and Meghan Markle began their departure from the royal family by saying that they were seeking privacy but then taking every opportunity to complain about being exploited by the press — to the press.

‘Harry seizes every chance he can get to whine about his family and can’t seem to get enough air-time to fully satiate his desire to top the headlines. 

‘Even those who initially supported his plight are sick of hearing about it,  but “60 Minutes” was all in,’ she wrote. 

Fox News Digital ran the headline: ‘The final nail in the coffin’ on Thursday morning, citing royal authors and experts. 

‘It’s impossible to imagine that Harry’s book won’t just be another nail in the coffin of his relationship with the rest of the royals. It might be the final nail in the coffin.

‘If Harry really wants his father and brother back in his life, he has a very peculiar way of showing it,’ said author Christopher Andersen. 

Media blitz: In the UK, Harry sat down with ITV’s Tom Bradby to promote the novel 

In the US, he gave a sit-down with ABC’s Michael Strahan, who has seen an advanced copy of the book 

Harry also gave an interview to CBS 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper. It will air on Sunday 

Hilary Fordwich, a British royal commentator who regularly contributes to US shows, added: ‘Literally and figuratively, Harry has sold his soul as he was paid by Netflix to bear his soul. 

‘Since the royal family will not be speaking freely, and haven’t sold their souls, we can gather from many that they are “completely exhausted” and “weary” with the misinformation from Harry.’ 

Kinsey Schofield, an American royal journalist and podcast host who had championed Harry’s book before knowing its contents, walked back her support of it. 

In an article for The Express, she said: ‘Since July of 2021, I have defended Prince Harry’s “raw, unflinching, self-examination” now known as “Spare”. This did not go without criticism from my peers…what an idiot I was.  

‘The victimhood narrative has become a lucrative part of the Sussex brand but can you imagine being completely content with it being your legacy? For three years Harry and Meghan have moaned and groaned about their treatment within the institution that literally gave them their platform,’ she said. 

The New York Post’s Miranda Devine tweeted: ‘What a baby Harry is. Can’t even take responsibility for his own mistakes. Has to blame his big brother. 

Harry and his wife Meghan appeared in a six-episode docuseries on Netflix 

‘Whines about William breaking his necklace and giving him a well deserved shove. Thinks any criticism of toxic Meghan is a press concoction.’  

Even The Daily Beast, which has in the past demonstrated support for the couple, injected skepticism and shock into its coverage of Harry claiming his brother and Kate told him to wear the Nazi costume. 

Calling it ‘extraordinary’, the Beast’s article said: ‘Harry’s dramatic attempt to implicate his brother and Kate by reheating the scandal contrasts with what looked like an attempt in his recent Netflix documentary series to show that he accepted responsibility for the episode and had learned from it.’ 

There had been considerable support for Meghan and Harry in the US in the immediate aftermath of their breakaway from the Royal Family. 

The couple settled in plushy Montecito, befriending megastars and billionaires Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah, and making occasional public appearances. 

In the last few months, however, they have launched an all-out publicity bonanza with their Netflix series, Spotify podcast, memoir and various interviews in magazines and on TV shows.  

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