Hidden signs Whoopi Goldberg feels 'superior' to The View co-hosts in show that's as 'savage as professional wrestling' | The Sun

WHOOPI Goldberg needs to “rage louder” in a bid to feel superior to her co-hosts on The View, a body language expert says.

Patti Wood told The Sun that the TV star has to “come out on top” in debates as she compared the show to a “version of professional wrestling”.

Whoopi was locked in a debate with guest co-host Tara Setmayer about gun reform in an episode aired following the Uvalde school shooting massacre.

She called for a ban on AR-15 weapons as she argued assault weapons are “made to kill and destroy bodies”, but Setmayer responded it’s "not that simple".

Whoopi raged: “It actually is easy. We’ve all met people who have had to deal with the death of a loved one at the hands of a gun.”

Wood said Whoopi's anger was towards the issue of mass shootings, as well as frustration with those in power.

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Wood said she “felt the need to rage louder to be more indignant”.

She added: “Whoopi seems to need to show superior anger and righteousness than the rest of the co-hosts do.

“Whoopi has to come out on top in her anger. I think it’s about making good, entertaining television.”

Wood said Whoopi “bared her front teeth like a hungry lion” as she yelled at her fellow co-hosts.

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She claimed that Whoopi was “pointing her finger as if her hand was a gun”.

Wood compared The View to a talk show version of professional wrestling.

She believed that Setmayer was “sliced and diced” throughout their encounter.

The expert also claimed that Whoopi subconsciously revealed her true feelings about her co-hosts during the impassioned debate.

Wood said: “Whoopi pursed her lips, glared and sat back with her shoulders set firmly and gave a final look of righteous judgment.”

She noticed that Setmayer was making the same movements and when she agreed with Whoopi, she chopped her hands towards her co-host.

Wood said: “And Whoopi, with one foot on the ground and the other foot back ready to take action, put up both her hands in a stop position to close down any talking from Tara even though she said she actually agreed with her.”


Wood also claimed that producers on The View use a subtle trick to encourage feuds between Whoopi and her co-hosts.

She said Whoopi and Setmayer have been placed in what’s known as “oppositional seating”.

Wood believes it’s a tactic that encourages “battle-like” interactions between the hosts.

She noted that Joy Behar talks slower and gestures downward in a bid to cool the situation.

She added: “I have seen her do those very movements before when the conversation at the table gets out of hand. They don’t work.”

Whoopi came under fire from fans when she and her co-hosts appeared to flaunt their wealth from the Bahamas – where they were filming episodes to mark the show’s 25th anniversary.

The hosts were seen on social media living it up at the beach, relaxing in shaded lounge chairs, enjoying decadent drinks, and tasting delicious foods.

One fan sarcastically wrote: “Awwww. How nice. “Those who are struggling to put food on their tables and gas in their cars can see a vacation spot first hand on TV.”

Fans have also called for Whoopi to be fired from the show in recent months.

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