Hugo disgusts Love Island viewers as he shouts 'job done' seconds after brief kiss with Amy

HUGO Hammond horrified Love Island viewers last night when he shouted "job done" seconds after he kissed with Amy.

The P.E teacher was keen to pin down new girl Amy as he pulled her for a chat last night.

But people at home cringed over the conversation after Amy, 25, admitted Hugo, 24, was her number one interest.

The original Love Islander replied: "Look at you, smiling away and playing with your nails, you look nervous! Giddy."

She replied: "I just don't want your head to explode."

Amy offered him her pinky finger as the chat came to a close, and Hugo said: "Why are you pinky promising me?"

He grabbed her finger and pulled her in for a kiss. But after a quick smooch the relived star sat back and declared: "Job done, right come on then."

A horrified Amy replied: "Job done? Jesus. What is this?"

Hugo quickly realised his error and added: "I'm just going to take a minute, now I'm on Love Island. I made it."

Viewers squirmed at the awkward moment, as one Tweeted: "Can’t believe this man said “job done” bruh ?? why does he keep sabotaging himself."

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Another shared a string of red flags and wrote: "Hugo really said “Job done” ???? ?? nope ???"

What's he gonna say after sex?

As one more said: "And now that Hugo has a somewhat connection with Amy the first thing that comes to his mind is “job done” , well done mate, Amy feels really special now… honestly"

And YouTube star KSI made his millions of fans laugh when he wrote: "Hugo said “job done” after he kissed a woman. What’s he gonna say after sex?… 'Mission Complete' "

Amy is an actress from Surrey who has performed on cruise ships and has featured in an episode of Humans, and dreams of one day featuring in the West End or Hollyoaks.

In her pre-villa interview she said she entered Love Island for one reason – to find her dream fella.

She said: "I'm here to find love. So I would let them know I am interested and then gauge what they're feeling as well.

"I will step on toes if needs be, but that's obviously not my aim. But they might also realise what they had was just because that's all they had."

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