I was on MAFS and already know which marriages are doomed – producers pull same sneaky tricks with honeymoons every year | The Sun

THEY made it down the aisle and jetted off on honeymoon – but former Married at First Sight star Amy Christophers reckons she already knows which newlywed couples are already doomed.

In her latest column for The Sun, the 2021 contestant offers her take on this year's series – and lifts the lid on classic producer 'tricks' she's already spotted.

WOW – what a first week it’s been on MAFS! 

I always think the honeymoons are fascinating to watch, because it's the first time the couples are completely on their own.

If cracks start to show and they don't manage to fix things by the end of the trip, then going into the first dinner party, they're screwed.

That’s when the s**t hits the fan, because you meet the other couples, and you end up looking at and comparing yourself to them.


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It happened in my series with Megan Wolfe – she wasn't happy and then she was asking others if they were, and trying to see if there were any husbands that might be interested in her.

She ended up kissing Jordon Mundell behind husband Bob Voysey’s back!

I was sad to see Ella Morgan Clark and Nathanial Valentino had blazing rows on their honeymoon, after they seemed so into each other on their wedding day, but I wasn't surprised – like me, they went to Mexico.

I’ve had a theory for a while now about how producers choose the honeymoon destinations for each couple.

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Ella when Nathanial had a series of explosive rows on honeymoon in MexicoCredit: Eroteme

Mexico is cursed – if you ever go on Married At First Sight and they tell you you're going to Mexico, say no!

I think the couples that producers suspect are going to fight on their honeymoon always get sent to Mexico.

I didn’t exactly have the best time on my honeymoon, with us rowing quite a bit.

Then there was Nikita Jasmine who threw a cup of tea over Ant Poole during a furious row on their honeymoon, and last year Thomas Hartley and Adrian Sanderson fought like cat and dog.

When it comes to the 'awkward' couples who struggle to make a connection, they always send them off into the mountains or somewhere really cold.

It happened to Morag Crichton and Luke Dawson in my series, Lara Eyre and Richie Dews last year, and now we've seen Rosaline and Thomas Kriaras go skiing. 

It's like the producers are thinking, 'Oh, these two are a bit awkward and cold, let's send them somewhere even colder!'

I did feel for Ella when Nathanial called her dramatic for not wanting to jump into that rock pool.

I couldn't have done it, I'd have been way more dramatic, and probably would've breathed in as I hit the water and drowned – he would definitely be picking up my life insurance!

I think Nathanial needs a little more patience. Ella’s outgoing and funny, and I think he's jealous she's taking the limelight away from him. 

I feel for her as she was so into him, and I think she really saw potential in him and maybe got a bit carried away in her head, which put him off a bit. 

Been there, done that. 

Deep chats

I always find it funny watching the 'deep chats' couples have on honeymoon – it's like we're led to believe they haven't been getting to know each other while the cameras aren't there.

You don't just sit there in silence when they're not rolling – although some couples might if they don't like each other!

I think you could clearly see Laura Vaughan and Arthur Poremba have been having good chats off-screen, which is why we started to see the fun side of Laura.

Arthur definitely redeemed himself by re-writing his vows – I think that that was a super cute gesture which Laura definitely appreciated. 

If there is anyone who can soften Laura’s hard exterior, I feel like it's Arthur, and I have high hopes for them now.

'Love at first sight'

Most people go into MAFS hoping for that 'love at first sight' experience, and while it is rare, it does happen – just look at Jay Howard and Luke Worley.

I really hope that they do go all the way because they are incredible. 

They are such a good match, and anyone who makes sexual sporting innuendos is right up my street.

I loved Luke's comment that there first night of passion together felt like he was like he was at the Grand National – "a good ride, but I came second".

I think the best match of the series always goes first, like they did.

Producers put them there to say to viewers: “Don't turn off yet, we have made some decent matches!"

Virgin vibes

Turns out my instinct on Georges was right – he's already given me, and I'm sure many other viewers, the ick.

'Picky Peggy' Rose needs to be renamed 'Patient Peggy'.

I’ve seen viewers calling Georges the lovechild of Bob Voysey and Jay from the Inbetweeners, and I think that's pretty spot-on.

The way that he keeps talking about fake boobs – even calling them “mummy milkers” – is screaming virgin vibes!

I think Peggy’s sister spoke for the nation when she sat him down and had a word with him at the wedding in last night’s episode – she saw straight through him.

Having said that, the edit can always over-egg a person's character traits. I think we’ll see him drop the bravado in episodes to come.


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He could very well be one to watch in next week’s episodes, where we see the rest of the honeymoons – and, more excitingly, the first dinner party!

I’ll have my popcorn at the ready…

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