Is Eddie leaving 9-1-1?

FANS of 9-1-1 have been left concerned that much-loved character Eddie has left the show.

Viewers are now keen to find out if actor Ryan Guzman has quit the hit FOX series.

Why did Eddie leave 9-1-1?

Season 5 of 9-1-1 has seen Eddie struggling with panic attacks after being shot.

So it wasn't a surprise at the end of the episode before the show goes on a season break, that he revealed he would be leaving 118.

However, this doesn't mean that the character is leaving the show.

He could get a job him moving into being a dispatcher, meaning we could end up with more time spent with the dispatchers having May, Eddie, and eventually Maddie back in the fold.

Just because Eddie is leaving the 118 doesn’t mean he’s going to completely leave the series.

Plus we know that actor Ryan who plays him is going nowhere, as he has signed another three year contract to stay on the series, according to 911 News on Twitter. 

Additionally, in early December 2021 Ryan posted a behind-the-scenes photo on his Instagram, which proved he was still filming for the show as the caption read: “Stage 4 Eddie Diaz Comin soon….”.


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What happened in season 5's Christmas episode?

Called Wrapped In Red,the episode starts in a Christmas village where a woman learns that her husband is also married to another woman, while he is supposed to be away on business.

The man tries to escape, but is hit by a trolley, at which point the 118 crew step in.

Meanwhile, May spends Christmas working overtime at the dispatch center, and Buck and Taylor stress over what gifts they should give each other for Christmas.

Elsewhere and a woman gains the courage to ask her co-worker out on a date to a philharmonic concert, however he is somewhat shocked, and she then backs into an open elevator shaft.

The 118 come to the rescue, and the co-worker confesses that he hates philharmonic due to his ex, and has secretly had a crush on her for some time.

The show then ended when Eddie tells Hen, Buck, and Ravi that he is leaving the 118.

When does 9-1-1 return?

Season 5 of the series is following a lot of other shows in breaking for the holiday period.

Sadly, fans have quite a while to wait until the show returns.

9-1-1 is back for the second half of the new season in March 2022.

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