ITV viewers blast GMB over ‘hypocritical’ report as host jets to Dubai

The Crown ‘should have a disclaimer’ says Richard Arnold

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Entertainment reporter Richard Arnold reported on the ITV show while standing by the blue seas of Dubai as he told Susanna Reid and Ed Balls all about his experience over the weekend. However, Good Morning Britain viewers blasted the show for Richard jet-setting across the globe to an A-list event during a cost of living crisis.

Speaking to the two hosts with the white sandy beach behind him, Richard shared details of the invite-only event he attended over the weekend.

Singing sensation Beyonce performed live for the first time in four years to reveal the new luxury resort in Dubay, Atlantis the Royal.

The exclusive concert was attended by 1,000 people, including her family, and saw the 41-year-old sing some of her most well-known songs throughout the years.

While discussing the concert on the ITV show, Richard called himself lucky to have been invited.

He said: “It was quite extraordinary, it was very last minute.”

Throughout the segment, viewers got to see the reporter speak to celebrities along the red carpet including actress Rebel Wilson and former One Direction star Liam Payne.

However, as Good Morning Britain has featured segments surrounding the cost of living crisis and NHS strikes over pay, many fans fumed they were showing “Dickie” indulging A-list life in the sun.

Mac35red tweeted: “Load of c**p, state the Country is in and you think we care about this ???”

DaveWhitehous10 added: “This show preaches to us about the environment then they fly their presenters around the world. Is there really any need to have Richard Arnold in Dubai this morning? So hypocritical”

Rachel44432944 slammed: “Any of those that attended don’t you dare start preaching on climate change! I see Laura Tobin was very quiet on this concert and carbon footprint this morning, selective view maybe? Say they stand for equality ect holds a concert Dubai. Hypocrite.”

DylanDylan1909 said: “This is NOT important, this is NOT News, nobody gives a rat’s a**e about Beyoncé’s exclusive concert in Dubai. You send that a***hole out to Dubai. Look at the state of this county, ambulance workers are on strike! Cover that. Pull your socks up.”

Twitter user 47simonuk added: “No ta. Why is he there? Rest of us struggling and the other half bitching about ministers .. yet travelling or so much time off .. I just turned to Sky.”

With ChiswickLion saying: “Hey poor people, have a look at us celebs being paid to be here whilst we pretend to care about the cost of living crisis. Just do one……the lot of you.”

During the segment, Richard admitted he was giddy to be in the same place as Beyonce and Jay-Z despite it being from a distance.

He added: “It was an extraordinary 70-minutes set, it was quite a moment.

“As I say, hugely privileged to have been invited. She opened up with this extraordinary rendition of Etta James’ At Last.

“She was on spectacular form with a 48-person all-female orchestra and at the very end, she ascended on this platform.

“16 feet into the air surrounded by a fountain of fire and water.”

The entertainment reporter then welcomed reality star Mark Wright to join him on screen as he also attended the event.

Losing his voice slightly, he told Richard: “We’re very lucky, the position that we’re in we get invited to things often. This was number one, this was probably the best thing I’ve ever been to.”

Good Morning Britain continues weekdays on ITV from 6am

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