Jeremy Clarkson welled up over The Grand Tour: ‘Show as you know it is ending’

Jeremy Clarkson recalls ‘hilarious day’ on the farm

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Drama looks set to unfold as fans prepare for the next instalment of The Grand Tour, in which the trio are exploring the world of French cars. To pay tribute to motorsports’ French origins, the former Top Gear hosts faced off against three other drivers in some of the best four-wheelers the country has to offer. Jeremy Clarkson got behind the wheel of the Peugeot 306 GTi 6, whilst James May opted for the RenaultSport Clio 172 Cup. Richard Hammond’s Peugeot 205 GTi 1.6 was sent off track by one of the show’s script editors.

The trio have enjoyed making The Grand Tour since partnering with Amazon Prime in 2016, but at one stage, Mr Clarkson got emotional as they prepared for a big change in the show.

In April 2019, Mr Clarkson appeared to well up as he spoke in the final episode of season three.

This was because the trio were announcing that they would no longer be doing shows from their tent, meaning there would be no more studio audiences.

Mr Clarkson said: “Tell you what though, we have had some laughs.

“In all of the years we’ve worked together, every single time one of us fell over, there was never any sympathy,” he added. “We just burst into laughter straight away.”

They reassured fans, however, that they planned to continue making shows.

Mr Clarkson added that, while it was “upsetting” to be shelving the format of the past three years, the show itself would continue.

He said: “The show as you know it is ending and that’s very upsetting for us: the audience and this sort of thing and the track.

“But who’d like to see us doing more big adventures? Road trips? Specials?”

Due to COVID-19, Mr Clarkson, Mr May and Mr Hammond have had to film recent specials in the UK.

Mr May spoke to and other press outlets recently, and said he’d like future episodes to be somewhere new.

He said: “Ideally somewhere we haven’t been yet.

“We do have some ideas.

“We have some partly formed ideas on the back burner which we were working on before Covid stopped everything.”

He continued: “But I can’t tell you what they are yet because we haven’t quite decided.

“To be honest I don’t mind where we go.

“On a personal level I prefer warm places to cold places.

“But the objective of the Grand Tour is not for us to have a holiday, it’s to entertain the viewers.”

In the meantime, Mr Clarkson will be keeping himself busy on his farm, but his Christmas could be impacted by an accident he had recently.

He is set for a sore Christmas after seeking hospital treatment because he accidentally sliced “half” his thumb off.

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He uploaded an image of his bandaged and bloodied thumb last week and revealed in his latest column for The Times that it was still very sore because the hospital anaesthetic had worn off.

Mr Clarkson has been told it will continue to be sore until Christmas Day and he now realises how that limits all the things he can do.

Wishing his fans a merry Christmas, he wrote: “It’s going to continue hurting, apparently, until Christmas Day.

“Speaking of which, have a happy one, and think of me sitting here, with a thumb full of more ingredients than a pizza, unable to open any of my presents or operate a corkscrew.”

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