Katie Price’s son Harvey was 'shaking uncontrollably' before hospital dash with ‘dangerous’ reaction to Covid vaccine

KATIE Price's oldest son Harvey was "shaking uncontrallably" before he was rushed to hospital with an apparent reaction to the Covid vaccine.

Harvey's temperature shot up to 39.9 degrees after receiving his first dose of the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab on Friday.

The 'brave' 18-year-old received the jab because of his high risk status as revealed exclusively by The Sun.

But he had a terrifying reaction to the jab and has been rushed to London's Great Ormond Street Hospital leaving his mum "worried to bits".

He had X-rays in hospital where doctors are said to have confirmed his illness was down to a reaction to the vaccine.

The doctors at GOSH know Harvey and are aware of his complex health needs.

A source close to Katie told The Sun: “Katie’s in bits.

“Harvey only had the jab yesterday and she’s ­convinced it’s some sort of allergic reaction.

“She can’t think what else it could be.

“Katie’s very worried — she always fears the worst when it comes to Harvey’s health — but is trying to remain calm.

“But like any mum would be, she is beside herself with worry.”

The source added: "It’s dangerous as he hasn’t got cortisol in his body to fight like us."

The most common Covid vaccine side effects are flu-like symptoms, tiredness and a headache – as the jabs are today hailed as "safe".

A safety report published by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency found people also suffered with arm pain and fever.

They revealed most people had "mild and short lasting" side effects in line with "a normal immune response to vaccines – including a sore arm and fatigue".

The most frequently reported reactions are injection-site tenderness and pain, headaches, fatigue, joint and muscle pain, fever, chills and nausea.

Harvey was born with a series of disabilities, including ADHD, autism, genetic condition Prader-Willi Syndrome and septo-optic dysplasia, which causes blindness.

He qualified for the vaccine as a vulnerable individual and has been immunised in the fourth stage of the government roll-out of the vaccine.

Katie said Harvey was the "youngest" person they saw getting the vaccine.

He is thought to have been inoculated close to Katie’s home in Sussex before being raced up to the capital.

So far only people aged 70 years old and over have been offered the vaccine.

The younger exceptions are frontline health and social care workers and clinically extremely vulnerable individuals.

Harvey, whose dad is former footballer Dwight Yorke, is Katie's eldest child.

She also shares Junior, 15, and Princess, 13, with ex-husband Peter Andre and Jett and Bunny with Kieran Hayler.

It is not the first time the teen has been rushed to hospital and is no stranger to the NHS.

Last year he was rushed to intensive care with breathing problems after his temperature spiked to 42C.

Harvey was first taken to hospital after needing "urgent medical attention" while celebrating sister Princess' 13th birthday in late June, but doctors soon discharged him saying it was a chest infection.

But only a couple of weeks later, Harvey was rushed to hospital by ambulance with breathing problems after his temperature shot up to a dangerously high 42 degrees.

He was tested for coronavirus and spent 10 days in Epsom Hospital in Surrey after showing symptoms of the killer bug.

Harvey enchanted the nation when he appeared alongside his famous mum in their BBC documentary Katie Price: Harvey and Me last month.

Harvey and Me followed Katie and the teen visiting residential colleges across the UK.

Katie said she had to look to move Harvey into full time residential care for his own learning and developmental needs.

In the doc, Katie shared her heartbreak as she explained that he smashes her house up due to his conditions, with the sound of closing doors one of his biggest triggers.

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