Kris Marshall asked to ‘go back to Caribbean’ for spin-off

Kris Marshall: Death in Paradise spin-off will have 'same themes'

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The awkward yet loveable DI Humphrey Goodman will be making a return to screens soon with the highly anticipated Death in Paradise spin-off imminent. Kris Marshall will be starring in Beyond Paradise where fans of the BBC drama can see how his life has panned out since leaving Saint Marie.

The last time viewers saw DI Goodman was when he decided to remain in the UK to be with his love Martha Lloyd (played by Sally Bretton).

However, after years off-screen, fans will be able to catch up with the bumbling detective in a brand new BBC spin-off, Beyond Paradise.

Appearing on an instalment of The One Show, actor Kris Marshall spoke to hosts Alex Jones and Roman Kemp on what viewers can expect.

Highlighting that a lot of people are excited about his character’s reprisal, Roman asked: “Now, in terms of Beyond Paradise, what are we expecting?

“Is it more crime to solve just without the sunshine?”

The actor replied: “Well I think there’s possibly even more sunshine.”

Jumping in, Alex questioned where the new show will be set following Death in Paradise having the gorgeous backdrop of the Guadeloupe Islands.

Confirming Beyond Paradise is set in Devon, the actor told the two hosts there’s still plenty of sunshine to be expected.

He added: “The thing about the Caribbean was that we filmed in the wet season.

“It was quieter and cheaper. It was beautiful and wonderful but wet, so we would film between the showers and so it’s often not as sunny as you think it is.”

The 49-year-old added when they were filming Beyond Paradise in the UK, it was during the summer.

He continued: “It was hot! My producer sent me a text on the first day because I’d often complain about the heat in the Caribbean. So, he sent me a text and said, ‘how’s it going?’

“I said, ‘hot, can I go back to the Caribbean?!’”

Although the start date for the new series is set to be released, fans can remain assured it’ll air in 2023.

An overview for Beyond Paradise reveals DI Goodman and Martha embark on a new adventure together in the fictional town of Shipton Abbott.

With Martha following her dream of opening her own restaurant, Humphrey decides to join the local police force as he sets out to help crack a variety of odd cases.

Each week, viewers will see the team investigate a new crime in Devonshire town as a host of new characters are introduced.

A synopsis for the series reads: “The not-so-sleepy town of Shipton Abbott will be rocked by an entire family disappearing without a trace, a woman claiming she was attacked by a suspect from the seventeenth century, the robbery of a highly prized painting, a body bizarrely discovered in a crop circle, and a serial arsonist with a seeming distaste for local businesses.

“As Humphrey gets stuck into his new job, he and Martha must also navigate life’s ups and downs, as faces from the past, the decisions they make and challenges of setting up life in a new town put their relationship to the ultimate test yet.”

The One Show continues weekdays on BBC One from 7pm.

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