Little People's Tori Roloff shares video of kids Jackson, 4, & Lilah, 1, painting after revealing miscarriage heartbreak

LITTLE People Big World star Tori Roloff shared a video of her children kids Jackson, four, and Lilah, one, painting.

This spring the mom-of-two and her husband Zach also revealed she suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage.

Tori shared clips in her Instagram stories of Jackson's finger painting. He proudly showed his red paint-covered hand saying: "Momma I need to wipe my hand."

She also showed Lilah painting with purple paint.

Yesterday Tori, 30, wrote to fans following her miscarriage in March about how "hard" it had been after discovering she would have to wait "another month" after failing to conceive.

Alongside a snap of a negative pregnancy test, the Little People, Big World star told fans she was struggling to fall pregnant with a third child.

"Today's hard, I'm not usually a downer, but today's hard," Tori said ahead of the latest episode of the reality show, which tells her pregnancy woes.

She continued: "I found out today it’ll be another month of waiting. Another month of praying. Another month of telling friends and family, 'not yet.'

"I really thought I would pregnant again by now. So many people told me after a loss it usually happens so fast. That’s not our reality."

Tori added that she was trying to stay positive by "praying" and being "fully dependent on God" that they would be able to add to their family.

She concluded: "I wanted to say thank you to every single one of you who have shared your stories with me. To all those mamas past present and future – love you."

Over the weekend, Tori told Us Weekly of how she and Zach support each other: “We do a really good job of stepping in when the other one needs a minute. I think that we are really good at, like, communicating when [we] need a minute or [we] need a second.”

She added after she suffered a miscarriage in March she “wasn’t afraid to show emotions in front of” her son Jackson, four.

However, she said of her 19-month-old daughter, Lilah: “My youngest is still I think too young to notice anything.”

Last month, Tori told Us Weekly of expanding her family: “I think that we’re still hopeful that one day we will get to have another baby… and until then, we’re just kind of happy where we are.”

Last week, Tori shared an Instagram video of Lilah taking her first steps after snubbing her sister-in-law Audrey's pregnancy news and continuing their long-time feud.

The mom of two captioned the video: "Here she comes world!!"

She posted a second video where her eldest son Jackson is in the background, watching his little sister conquer her first steps.

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