Location, Location, Location couple spark outrage moaning £950k budget won't get them dream home

A LOCATION, Location, Location couple have sparked outrage after moaning their £950k budget won't get them their dream home.

Wednesday's edition of the Channel 4 property show saw presenters Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer meet Zoe and Jason.

The couple had returned to Edinburgh after living in Hong Kong for 10 years and hoped to find their dream home.

They had an incredible budget of £950,000, £850,000 of which was in cash, and they wanted a four bedroom property in Stockbridge, which was their preferred area.

However the couple, who had two children, annoyed viewers after complaining their budget wasn't enough to buy what they wanted, yet went on to say one house within their price range was "too big".

After viewing an £825,000 flat, Zoe was seen sighing and moaning that their budget wasn't going to be enough.

She said: "Do we want a house? The things we're finding wrong with them is because they're flats.

"It's just because we don't have enough money to buy what we want."

It lead one irate viewer to tweet: "That silly b**** has gone from sighing that she only has £950,000 budget (£850,000 of it in CASH) to buy a house, to moaning that a house she can afford is too big. Honestly, some folk."

Another added: "How do you have £850,000 in cash but then sigh cos you 'don't have the money to buy what we want'? Jesus Christ love."

A third tweeted: "Don’t you ever do any episodes for joe average with a normal budget. Say under 200k.. I mean £850k cash!! Seems to of become a show for flamboyant rich a****".

Phil then showed them a property set over three floors with plenty of character and five bedrooms.

But Zoe said: "'It's not necessarily too big, it's maybe about how you use the room but it's a bit like jeepers, do I need this much house in my life?

"It's an amazing house. It's almost too much space, you know?"

One viewer vented: "Now there is too much space – FFS!" while another added: "Too much space!! WTF!"

In the end, Phil found them a four bedroom Victorian end of terrace house which was on the market for offers over £650,000.

The couple put in an offer of £625,000 as there was work needed to be done and they were delighted when it was accepted.

Location, Location, Location airs on Wednesday's at 8pm on Channel 4.

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