London flat you can rent for £2,875 a month has baffling fake grass detail

Carpet, wood, or tile?

How about we ignore all those standard flooring options and go for something a bit more unconventional?

We can only assume that was the thinking process of this particular landlord, who has decked out a flat in Ladbroke Grove, London, in a bunch of – drum roll, please – fake grass.

The three-bedroom flat is up for rent for £2,875 a month, and in most ways looks like any other rental property on the market.

But then you take a closer gaze, and spot something a bit odd in the listing photos.

Oh, there’s some fake grass in the living area, underneath some bean bags. They’re bring the outdoor in. Fair enough.

Ah, there’s some more fake grass going up the stairs. That’s a bit strange, but they’re sticking to a theme.

Wait, there’s fake grass in the dining area, too? Is that so you can feel like every dinner is a picnic?

Is that fake grass in the bedrooms, too? In the bathroom? Yes, indeed it is.

What’s slightly confusing is that plastic grass doesn’t cover the entire home – it’s just been placed in certain areas, which leads us to think this is a consciously chosen design.

Perhaps the creator of these interiors can think of nothing better than getting out of bed to feel your feet in faux greenery, or than emerging from the shower and drying off your feet not on a bath mat, but a mini lawn.

Perhaps they’ve taken pity on poor citydwelling renters who so rarely get outdoor access, so have decided to bring the grass to the tenants.

We may never know – the listing simply describes the flat’s ‘quirky unique decor’ without any further explanation.

That ‘quirky’ descriptor might also refer to one of the bedrooms, where what may be a skylight has been hidden by a mystery material.

If you ignore all that though, it’s a decent rental opportunity.

It’s a large split-level design, with a roomy living space (complete with fake grass), a kitchen and diner, a bathroom, and two bedrooms on the bottom level, and a bigger bedroom with an en suite up above.

The Rightmove listing suggests the property could work for ‘two couples or three professionals/friends’, and notes that it comes furnished.

Location-wise, it’s a great shout – the flat is on Wornington Road, right by the buzz of Notting Hill and an eight-minute walk from Ladbroke Grove station.

If you’re looking for a place where you can feel the (fake) grass under your feet, feel free to find out more information through the listing.

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